Diablo III – Power Leveling – Ultimate Evil Edition Guide


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Want to blast an alt to 70, here is how!

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  1. Well, if you play recently, a lot of players are hacking their gear, I saved a video of what happened to me, we did a greater rift, he blew it up, didn't think much of it until rank 95, I gained like 2 levels. We did the gem rift. I gained a paragon level every 5 seconds. Went from 50 to 300 in 4 minutes. Be awesome if you know, they guys bow wasn't 5 billion dps. Love them gem strat, course there should be a level requirement but whatever 😀

  2. hi there, quick q's i got this game yesterday and i lvl 28 monk and my armor was 14.4 k but everytime i level up my armor stat get low like 10.5k or even 9954 and i dont change any item in the inventory also i was playing online with my brother. he is level like 18 or something that affects the values in the armor or something??

  3. Thanks for the advice. Normaly i am more of a simulator kind of gamer so this is way off the beaten track for me.

    I've subbed to your chanel to see if i can get some more understanding of how to go about aplying your advice to figgure out what i am doing wrong and how i can improve.

    I noticed that many players are in the mid 100's for paragon if i have to believe some of the charts i've seen (Nack of simulator gamer… find graphs to analise) so not to ashamed for struggeling with torment.

    Again thanks a lot for your time writing the replies!

  4. Nice video, will have to watch it again a couple of times, but any way,… got a couple of questions if you don't mind. I liked the way you showed this stuff and explained things so hope you have a minute.

    At the end you mentioned Bloodshards. Now i am an absolute nob. Started playing D3ROS last week. Got one caracter up to 70 and turned in some of those in the hopes of getting proper gear… all that i got was absolute junk. Is it just me doing something wrong here?

    You also showed and talked about legendary gear. How do i get my hands on this? I played through easy first to get me some survivability, and than i went through the master storyline and have yet to find a single set item. Let alone find multiple of the same set.

    Please know that i never played any of these games before, so if i sound stupid or ask silly questions that's why…

    Hopefully you can find a moment to answer these and help me out a bit. This is a good game but to be honest i can not see my self ranking up every class available. Your advice is priceless, but not being able to get my hands on anything bites…

    Thanks a lot and great vid!

  5. Thank you for putting up a video like this, I definitely am going to try implementing these strategies once I can. Oh and I was curious what console you are playing on. Is it the 360? Just out of curiosity. I will definitely be supporting you stuff. Great info thanks for the video.

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