Diablo III – BlizzCon 10 Gameplay


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Name: Diablo III
Release date: To Be Announced
Platform(s): PC and Mac OS X
Publisher(s): Activision Blizzard
Developer(s): Blizzard Entertainment


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  1. @DiabloCaster Yeah its still amazing.But think of it.Just imagine playing an RPG with these graphics and engine 4 years ago.Amazing Right?The best RPG game i know since diablo 2 was TITAN quest it provided me all the RPG fun that i needed and it didnt take them 6 years to make it.The game that got me psyched more than ever is Skyrim,next is RAGE,next Diablo III,Prey 2.Diablo was first on my list once.But who knows when i get it it might prove to be more fun than all the others.Let's hope so.

  2. @FBFTheRagingWarrior Well, I'll tell you one thing. Blizzard does an amazing job on all there games. With all the new features and systems they announced for Diablo in the past couple weeks, I'm more psyched than EVER! I can't wait to get my eyes on the beta, to see how things unfold! 😀

  3. @DiabloCaster Everything is in perfect working order – this is how Blizzard works, and it's why they make the best games.

    They have always operated on a "it's done when it’s done" basis.

    That way they don't release half-assed sh*t like so many others do..

  4. @DiabloCaster

    Man, I remember first playing Diablo when I was about 8. Then I played Diablo 2 a few years after that. I graduated high school still playing Diablo 2 throughout it. I remember seeing the announcement for Diablo 3, and now I'm going into my third year in college, eagerly awaiting the third part of the series that made me piss my pants 13 years ago.

    Good things come to those who wait.

  5. @MyrtaBeatz LOL for two months straight? You must be some sort of party god! Just go weight train, keeps me busy. Makes me feel like i'm training "for the wait". lol jk i'm not even that into Diablo I just found your comment funny. I'm only gonna play this if it comes out on consoles cuz i'm just not into PC games

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