Diablo III – Barbarian – MP10 Infernal Machine – All Uber Bosses Solo


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Diablo III – Barbarian – MP10 Infernal Machine – All Uber Bosses Solo
Completed 10/29/2012

00:00 – Intro
00:44 – MP10 Goblin Slaying
01:26 – Gear
02:21 – Enchantress Gear
02:35 – Skill Build
03:15 – Realm of Chaos – Ghom and Rakanoth
08:02 – Realm of Discord – King Leoric and Maghda
13:57 – Realm of Turmoil – Siege Breaker and Zoltun Kulle
23:14 – Crafting of the ring (Sadly it didn’t turn out well…)

I am possibly the first Barbarian to solo all Monster Power 10 Infernal Machine Uber…


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  1. ok im going to attempt to answer both questions, yes this build still works and I do not think blizzard has changed any of the skills since I did this video and I still see people using it. Also, how did i get 6% when only 3% on gear? I use the life steal passive bloodthirst.

  2. while having the dager/sword in main hand will give a bit more attack speed due to weapons master, I would loose the mace/axe bonus of 10% crit chance which would hinder the build and dps quite a bit I think.

  3. Im a Barb player and liked watching the video – good preview of the uber boss runs which im about to try. regarding your build shown in the video – would this still work as is today or would you make some modificaitons? Thanks for posting!

  4. go to options, then I think under game play is the elective mode option, also in there is the one to enable monster power and give advanced details about abilities and such.

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