Diablo 4? Or What’s Next? (Opinion Piece)


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There’s speculation and leaks that have come about for quite some time on whether it’s Diablo 4 coming next? Is it Diablo 4 or at all or other titles? What other types of games are there since it’s being hailed as “multiple projects” for Diablo still to come. After the Diablo Immortal announcement it’s time start looking at what these other projects could be and what elements are needed going forward in the current gaming market.

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  1. I think that the current playerbase of d3 just wants the dame type of hack n slach game.

    I mean look at how many D2 people bought d3. And it will be sure successful again.

    They also Saïd they are working on a Diablo game on pc which will respect itstitle. This was Saïd on BlizzCon 2018.

    So mobile game and the same d4 game 100%. And thats all we will get the upcoming years.

    This is what i think.

    I dont think they will go RTS the market is way smaller.

    They might go for a battle royal but Not Diablo. I think WoW would be that one.

  2. Very reasonable opinions, well-chosen words, I like this form (recently quite popular among youtubers: P). Keep recording like that. 😉 As for the ideas, um … I would play with the Diablo sandbox like Skyrim, or something similar to Dark Souls, provided that they would maintain the same climate as in D2 and D1. If it was to be another H & S it is only in the climate of two (dreams of a cut head).

  3. People bitch and moan about diablo immortal and how freemium cell phone games are the worst because of microtransactions.

    And yet these idiots never acknowledge the fact that most of blizzard's full retail priced games already have cell phone game style cash grab schemes or worse. Fucking diablo 3 was functionally unplayable for 3 years because of the real money auction house. Overwatch is nothing more than a means to leech money from customers who already dropped $40 to $60 for the privilege of grinding loot crates.

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