Diablo 3 vs Diablo 2 – Thoughts & Recap


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This is MY EXPERIENCE and MY OPINION. I know not everyone will share this opinion, but this is just how I felt coming to Diablo 3 as an experienced Diablo 2 player. —

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  1. I'll totally agree that d2 is the better game, but this comments section is rose-tinted cancer.
    How many d2 builds (hell even entire trees) are straight garbage and unplayable? Show me an endgame druid who isn't Wind. Show me any endgame fire or poison builds. You can't, because they're broken. And with only 3 respecs available ever, you better know what you're doing before hand and don't fuck it up!
    And for loot? Are we really saying that loot in d2 is better? Sure you're taking it to the blacksmith for mats in d3 but at least you're picking it up! 99.9% if d2 loot gets left on the ground!
    The vast majority of uniques are hot garbage and the same is true of runewords.

    Look, if you wanna say the atmosphere isn't dark or creepy enough, I'm with you.
    If you wanna say the gameplay is much less involved because skills don't matter only numbers do, I'm with you.
    But how about we keep it real here, eh?

  2. I think Blizzard created Diablo 3 thinking D2 fans would've Wife/Husband and kids now. So they could not stay hours and hours on the game like they did before. They went through something much more casual and less Theorycraft based. It was a mistake, but I think the worst mistake they did is to make D3 an abandonware game. They could've improve it. They could've patch it more and more and update the graphics, add some darkness inside of it. Make D3 more creepy, more D2. Remake the characters stats points with an auto set mode for the non Theorycrafters.


    Just giving up a game like they did is the WORST THING EVER. A Diablo 3 Dark patch could've totally blow up the blizzcon. Adding D2's flavour with D3 engine by adding darkness in the game could've been the best move for the franchise. But they prefered ask people if they have phones

  3. Just wanted to point out that you sound a lot like comedian John Mulaney

    But also I agree with pretty much everything you said. I still to this day think Diablo 2 is the 'best overall' game I've ever played.

  4. Yeah… Monster resistances were awesome… I can still very vividly remember when I first met my Phisical Resistance monster.. as a barbarian… I was like…WHAT? I literally cannot kill that… And realised I have to just leave that monster behind.
    Compared to D3, where (if at all) you have the zodiac amulet (or ring, I don't remember), that changes dmg bonus after time, and rotates constantly, was the only impactful decisionmaking in terms of elemental dmg.
    With the necro, they started to add in somewhat different builds, but because of dmg being multiplicative in D3, it's literally impossible to balance anything. So it became their demise.

  5. You are required to have set piece x/y/z and they define how your skills work. without them you cannot have the +500% multiplier to handle anything beyond like GR 25. and the only way to get stronger is not to find a better piece of gear cause you CANNOT replace it. you have to find that same piece of gear with better stats. let those better stats be ancient or primal or whatever it still requires you to say unless this gear has this name its never going to be useful. and that just sucks

  6. This is pretty old, but i agree with you on everything one of the reasons i dropped of d3 was because of everything being so repetitive and just going to the next rift was hunting down gear. I am pretty casual player and i manage to get to tier 80 rift without much effort . But it got reaallly reallly boring spamming skills you pretty much switch between them, necro was fun to play for a while tough.

  7. The sorc and the necro are points where D3 strengths as well as its weaknesses show. The strengths are obvious but I feel that the weaknesses are in the play style. There's not real difference in how the demon hunter, the wizard, the necro and the monk handle. In a sense the WOW wizard and the D2 wizard are unique. They have teleport abilities that blow away the other classes. I also tend to imagine pitch meetings. There had to be a point when hopes were shattered in the development team when they realized that the D3 wizard was going to have the WOW mage kit. Ice beam, arcane….

  8. D3 was the biggest disappointment in a game sequel that I can remember. Turned an awesome series into a goofy arcade game. It's not a good sign when the best thing about the D3 collector's edition were the D2 discs included with it. Heck, the soulstone USB thumb drive was more enjoyable to use than the D3 game itself…

  9. Thank you so much! I watched a lot of comparions between the two games and yours just feels right and is on point!!! You say, what a lot of people/gamers think (deep in their little gamer hearts).

  10. Blizzard should totally re-make Diablo 2 with 3D graphics. Change literally NOTHING (well, maybe a few technical glitches and whatnot), but make the graphics 3D.

    I guarantee it would sell like crazy.

  11. coming from someone who is highly ranked in several different classes on diablo III, I actually agree with alot of what lama said. The biggest thing that I love and miss about d2 is the ambience. it's dark and gritty and almost always makes you feel uncomfortable. As far as the gear goes with d3, yes nothing is truly rare you are just looking for first the right rolled stats of that gear, then the ancient rolled correctly vrs. then the primal ancient vrs of that gear. the rarity of the gear comes from getting the correct rolls. if you put enough time into an item in d3 you can almost always obtain the primal vrs of that item. that is not the same with d2 (for instance tyreals might). ………………… so it sounds like I prefer d2 then why am I playing d3? the reason is the team aspect and the mechanics. It truly takes time to get mechanically good at some builds and make decisions as a team to progress higher and higher. that is the aspect that brings me back to d3.

  12. I agree with everything. I played Diablo 2 for so many years, stopped playing for a long time, and then went back. It feels infinitely replayable. I played Diablo 3 for a short time and enjoyed it, but it didn't have lasting power. There are so many aspects of Diablo 2 that just feel "right". The acts, difficulties, monsters, music, and gear are distinct and significant/meaningful. Diablo 3 lacks the dark and heavy atmosphere, and its gear and difficulty system feels sort of inconsequential. Anyway, here's to hoping Blizzard remasters Diablo 2 at some point and doesn't change it too much.

  13. Pretty much everyone feels the same way you do about d3. They FINALLY fixed the loot issues about four years too late, and they are JUST BARELY STARTING to fix the skills…..however the monsters are still extremely lame. Why it took them this long? Probably because Blizzard is a small indie game company with a limited staff and budget.

  14. I play and enjoy both of these games, but one thing that really annoys me about D3 is the way that gear looks when worn on the character. Most weapons look like some kind of cardboard cutouts, because their appearance and size is just so outlandish. Also, female demon hunter – running around and cartwheeling in dungeons with stilettos?

    Transmogrify is a bit of a double edged sword: you can make your character look neat (or get rid of the stupid cardboard cutout weapon), but on the other hand it loses the link to the actual item the character is wearing.
    I guess I prefer a more realistic approach to gear.

  15. IMO diablo 3 is so braindead to play it's just a mindless grind. There really isn't much thinking involved. Games these days are becoming too easy because they do everything for you. I miss having to figure out something or playing a game for hundreds of hours and not realizing these nuances that really made the game that much better.

  16. D3 lost sight of any form of thought. No attribute allocations, no talent trees… just mindless crap. You just match your skillset to your armor set skill bonuses and it ends up being the same thing everyone else is doing….

    Like you see a billion hammerdins/zealots/sorcs in d2 still, but it feels cool to be a Bear Druid amidst all that. Can't do that shit with d3's limited gameplay options.

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