Diablo 3 The Witch Doctor Fetish Army Zoo Keeper Build! 2.0.3


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The Witch Doctor Summoner/ Zoo Keeper Build is here!
Full zunimassa suit with mask of jeram! Crazy ass dps!
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  1. Not to nitpick or nothing, but its Sycophants theres no P so its not Psycophants its Sycophants the y is pronounced as an i. Also for Sycophants to proc you have to be doing damage to monsters.

  2. Did they nerf the Zunimassa thingie? i only got the ring but it doesnt say its gonna make the fetiches permanent, it says its gonna give me mana regen. or is the whole thing random?

  3. OMG, Anthony.  Today I farmed a Mask of Jeram that rolled for 99% extra pet damage and it changed the game completely.  I switched to a zookeeper build, and even without full Zuni, I'm doing three T3 and T4 rifts in the time it used to take to do one!  VERY fun build.  Can't wait to get the Zuni suit and the tough fetishes.  heh.  Thx for you vids!

  4. I just got the Mask of Jeram, 96% pet damage, no crit, but I just rerolled into 5%hit chance… I got so fucking hyped… As soon as I killed Malthael on T1 and saw the image of the icon, I got fucking hype, and when I identified the item, went ape shit on my clan's chat xD

  5. Hey old pal.  Bought the game way back at Christmas, and then ended up sick again.  Months in the hospital, but maybe I can stay healthy for a time. 

    My question is where did you go to farm the Zuni set? 

    Be well and keep those videos coming.

  6. SO I was looking at that video and though… What about the Gidbinn?! It summons a fetish while attacking, so you could probly summon… AN ARMY of those o.o I easily got up to 6-8 from attacking normally

  7. I love the build, I got the homo mojo  for the free pet regen every 6 secs, the 50% damage passive for the pets, jeram helm and it rips mobs in t5 now, I play HC btw and this is a very fast safe build. any hardcore players add me #xoleras1605  

  8. I wish this didnt need 4 set pieces 🙁  I'll probably get RoS right away if this becomes a Rune or Blizz patch back 10 dogs build. I miss Zookeeper Necromancer 🙁

  9. I've jusr ordered Diablo 3 and is about to buy Reaper of Souls, but is there like a way to get like the same build for a level 70 witch doctor, or is there a similiar set or something. I don't really know anything about Diablo 3.

  10. If you set dogs as one of your abilities then select whichever rune you'd like the three passive dogs will have that room as well you can then switch back to your regular abilities

  11. I watched this vid yesterday.. Today i was running around Act 4 normal just squishing around and DING.. Feckin mask fell right into my lap.. I dont have any Zunigear thats 2.0 but i still do 260k in dam, manaconsumption is through the roof so im using vampire bats just to spawn the little thingys.. It is completly awesome to see that little army do everything between 800 – 1.5 mill in dmg.. Its really like the WD has been reborn again.. Awesomesauce.. 

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