Diablo 3 Season 12 Rewards Patch 2.6.1


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The PTR Patch 2.6.1 Rewards for Diablo 3 Season 12 have been realeased, enjoy!

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  1. I'll probably go DH, Barb, or Wiz this time. Was a Trag Necro last season, so don't really wanna do that again. Been playing these sets to see what I like. Hate Natalya's and Hammerdin is SLOW. Of course the sets don't have the new buffs yet, but so far really leaning toward DH. I'd go Monk if it was Inna's – love having 10 pets out at once 🙂 If I get a pair of shenlongs early on, I may go generator build, but Natalya just doesn't do it for me. Probably doing it wrong (12 will only be my second season ever, just came back for Necro).

  2. I'm posting here because maybe Blizzard will see it. 🙂 I'm still playing S11 and just (where have I been?) noticed that the Necromancer sets were left off most of the seasonal Greater Rift achievements. Has this been fixed in the PTR for S12? I like to try and do achievements throughout the season and was just going back to hit a few, and realized I couldn't do anything but the No Set and basic "get to L70" achievements. Where is the best place to get Blizzard's attention on this?

  3. Oh look , season 12 is gonna be the same goddamn thing as season 11, and 10 and 9 and 8 and … u get the point. D3 is dead until they can't come up with new stuff. The necro doesn't really help for replayability.

  4. I hope that we get more cosmetic wings/armor/weapons transmogs for each season. Some season's you just get either armor or wings, one or the other…but not both. We know that there's plenty of wings, that Blizzard has on the back burner. Please keep the cosmetic wings, armor and weapons consistently coming Blizzard.

  5. @Bluddshed I did the act 5 bounty for the 350 on live server just to try it out with Necro, cuz you didn't know, and I cleared it on Torment 11, with blood mages and Rathma's set, 473 in the time needed, without optimized gear (Most of mine is still pretty crappy :P) So Necro is very viable for that Conquest.

  6. At last! Big buff to Natalya. So far, I have seen it to be very powerful with hellcat waist guard. Use strafe and rain with the grenade runes.
    These three are the gist of the build. Just use whatever other legendaries compliment

  7. Thank you for this video because now I just might want to go with seasons again. But if I do then I will use your guides on Icy Veins. Right now I am trying out an experiment with one of your guides as it is right now. If it goes well then I will do the same that I am doing right now playing a DH with a WD. Because in the season that I played the WD to get the stash tab I didn't make it. And there is part of me that is still burned because of it. It is like I have to prove that it was something that I failed to do in order to earn the stash tab. I will no doubt try to do it with the Helltooth set like the last time when I failed. This time though I shouldn't have as much of a problem. Now if I decided to do it with two classes to get the conquest that make GR55 with six class sets.

  8. Hey Bloodshed,

    Could you please post a msg to Blizzard and have them bring back the Etched Sigil + Star Pact combination……Since they are making changes to everything this would be a viable now……!

  9. For everyone asking when it starts: Hijacking top comment on le reddit:

    Comparing this "preview" date with previous seasons:
    S7 preview ~Jun 30,2016 (~36 days before S7 Start);
    S9 preview came Nov 18,2016 (49 days before S9 start);
    S10 preview came Feb 15,2017 (44 days before S10 start).
    Using these numbers as reference we may be getting S12 between Oct 6 – Oct 14.

  10. I'm starting to wonder if Blizzard really cares about this game anymore. Hasn't it been almost 3 seasons now without any new items? They've basically just adjusted numbers and added a new class. I realize most of the work was put into the necromancer. But the meta remains the same. About the only glimmer of hope I saw was Vyr's actually standing on its own now, but I'm still not sure that will beat out Tal's/Vyr's. They likely made a decent amount of money off of the necromancer pack. Can't they use some of that to give us some new stuff? Like new transmogs…dare I say even a new set for each class or something? And the new wings are basically the same graphic animation rotated and doubled. -_- Honestly, I think they're just going to keep things like this until Diablo 4 and maybe release another class like the druid. It seems like they are done developing items or skills for old classes in this game. FeelsBadMan

  11. You are syaing Vyr's is one of the best starter builds for season (even better than Uliana? O_o), I don't see how, as it needs so much more than the set itself to actually be of any use (I think?). Can you maybe do a S12 Wizard starter video where you show how you can make Vyr's work without all the right legendaries and optimized stats on gear that you need for Vyr's to actually work. Thanks! Love your videos.

  12. Is the Monk set from the Haedric's a good set for a support monk? Which of these starting builds is the best for solo and for support? Haven't played a support character yet but would like to try it. Thanks.