Diablo 3 [S13] – Demon Hunter Solo Grift 112 [N6/M4 CA LfB Fire]


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Hi Guys 🙂
Season 13 so far. In this season, I push with N6/M4 Cluster Arrow Loaded for Bear(Fire).
The dmg is nice and I like the gameplay a lot.
The defense isn’t so tanky like cold CA Maelstrom, but for max push limit with N6/M4.
Fire rune is the way to go.
Let see how far I can push with this build at the end of S 13.
I hope in S14, D3 will get some patch changes to make the game even better as it’s 🙂

Song 1)
Ciscandra Nostalghia, Tyler Bates & Joel J. Richard – Plastic Heart…


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  1. I don't understand your decision at 11:19.. I think you have enough time to kill the boss even without any pylons..so maybe there is no need to scouting the second map? Considering that there are enough white mobs in level 2 to reach 100% progression.

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