[Diablo 3] PTR For Season 13 Is Live …With No New Content!


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As we were figuring, there would either be no PTR for Season 13 or there would be a small patch to address some bug fixes and such. Blizzard handed us the in between with a small PTR going live today, featuring no content but some back end fixes that they’d like the community to stress test. It looks like Season 13 will essentially mirror Season 12, content-wise. Are you okay with this or disappointed?

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  1. A bit sad that there's absolutely nothing coming our way. Even if they changes weren't that big they still gave an incentive to try a class again, like I did with Barb in Season 12.

    If S13 is the exact same, I'll probably give Crusader another go. New seasons are always fun for a few days.

  2. Blizzard is not giving us free content ? WOW ! Shocking new information…. this game is dead for years now. Last season I had my hopes up but they nerfed everything that came close to the pay to win necromancer…

  3. Aren't bug fixes, and performance tweaks things that help the players and the game, so not considered content: information or experience provided to audience or end-users by publishers or media producers? (shrug)

  4. They need a new team that actually plays Diablo 3 to work on the Diablo franchise. Diablo 3 could be a much better game if they just addressed the eye-popping issues. Stash space, item balance, game play etc.

  5. UPDATE – As of 5PM Eastern time today, January 17th, the PTR is now functioning and you can log in.

    As of 6PM Eastern time, January 16th, we actually can't log in to the PTR yet. : Hopefully it'll be up soon. Hype or no hype?

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