Diablo 3 On Switch Review


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Diablo 3 remains a clever, rewarding, and oftentimes brilliant action-RPG that has made a near seamless transition to Nintendo Switch, six years after its original release.


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  1. what? there's nothing wrong with the menus. Been using them for nearly 3 years on the PS4 and they work just fine. I'd say better than the PC version of the game.

    You fall to mention blizzard's shitty support for the console version of the game over the past 3 years (PS4/XBOX) too…

    Could your nose be any further up Blizzard's ass in this review?

  2. i resurrected my account on pc (no expansions) just to play thru normal a couple of times from scratch to get in d3 shape for tomorrow 😀 … I prepurchased on switch, and now I cant wait lol

  3. I played for a short period in pc years ago, but when I heard about it on the switch (couple of weeks ago), I immediately preordered and I’m eager to play it as soon as it unlocks on my switch

  4. So I played d3 on ps4 for a while and it consumed me trying to perfect builds…no I can take it on the go…my poor wife…seriously though, how does the switch in handheld mode handle in gr pushing/speedrunning. I'm incredibly curious because I usually play hardcore, but am scared that frame rate issues would ruin my fucking day.

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