Diablo 3 News: D3 Coming to Consoles Confirmed! PS3 & PS4 Releases Soon


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Blizzard just announced that Diablo 3 is indeed coming to consoles and that in March (22-24) they will be showing it off on the Playstation 3 and that it also has a planned PS4 release! It was pretty much a given that it would eventually happen but now we know when and which consoles!

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  1. Fucking blizzard, this was so obviously planned from the start. They really did not give a shit about diablo and its fans. Just want money money money. Shouldn't have even made this pos for pc. it is a console port that came to pc first. Mother fucking greedy pieces of shit.

  2. You should make a new channel called ZiggyPOE. I absolutely don't care about POE, but I love your videos. So I don't really want to unsub =S for when you make videos like this.

  3. That's true, I had a lot of fun playing BG:DA with my little bro. The fallout spinoff of that was pretty fun too.

    Those were quite a long time ago! I'm sure the console market craves a fully fledged loot ARPG

  4. Baulders Gate: Dark Alliance on the original xbox was a good ARPG game. As for D3 being ported to Playstation, they just want more money. They've failed the PC community so now they're going to a market where the community has less of an idea about the problems the game had.

  5. Naaah, Blizzard didn't like windows 8, mainly because Microsoft wanted a percent of monetary transactions that were made on the os. So, they said that there would be no support to win8. This made me think that d3 would go to Sony only…

  6. "This really explains everything"… lol not Diablo 1 was a PlayStation 1 game too… Back in the day they didnt change a thing, only UI issues. Remember they remove the skill tree also in World of Warcraft after 5-6 years dealing with all the problems skill trees have. The game is what it's because of years of games made in Blizzard, they are not going to put fail systems like you find in PoE. You know when a AAA game is bringing new stuffs like D3 is doing, and breaking walls…

  7. why is this bad? they did this for.magic.the gathering online and it brought more players to the franchise . this points to blizzard having long term comitments to the game.

  8. This really explains everything. Explains having 4player only games, explains no chat channels, no custom game names, no skill points, no in depth gameplay.

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