Diablo 3: Necromancer Blood Set Gameplay


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This is a preview of gameplay for the Necromancer Blood Set. It is not as good as I was hoping but we all know, this is Beta and things can change. There are some good builds for them on the Leaderboards but they would be hard for a normal player to run. Bloodmancer Set Is good though it could be better.

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  1. What are your AA settings? The edges look smoother than the default ingame options… are you forcing custom AA through the Nvidia panel or playing on a higher resolution than 1080p? (2/4k or DSR?)

  2. hey m8 if i can give you a little tip just go with low vitalitiy and max health regn/life per hit and why simple answer corse the lower your health pool the more you benefit from this stats that means in fact that you can stack up more and do more dmg. greetings brade heartseeker

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