Diablo 3 – Intel(R) Q45/Q43 Express Chipset (Gameplay/Commentary-ish)


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I don’t recommend playing with Intel(R) Q45/Q43 Express Chipset.

I built my computer finally. :3


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  1. I cannot reply to questions about this computer anymore. This is 3 years old and I built myself a computer a month after I created this video. Apologies. As for the chipset, I am pretty sure it was the lowest of the low version. Meant to do nothing more than textedit and basic internet browsing. It was likely the 64mb version.

  2. It will run the game at 15 – 20 fps on low settings with the possibility of lag spikes that can last for 2 seconds or more. It's not a suggested card, but you can try it out and see if you can manage.

  3. I think i will not play moderna games in this computer i tried sonic all stars racing which i transfered from my laptop and q45 can't even play the game wiith lowest settings the fps is shit xD

  4. It's a safe bet that if an Intel q45/q43 Chipset can't run Diablo 3, it won't be able to run Black Ops 2. Not saying you can't play at all, but the frame rate on your game even on lowest settings will be 10-15 tops. Which is lower than modern day consoles which run at 30fps.

  5. I just bought a desktop computer with flatscreen 90$ its in my dads offics so its cheap. i play black ops 2 but havent tried it on intel q45/q43 does it run good? the desktop got dual core 2.9ghz havent checked the ram thu

  6. Go into your documents, go to the diablo 3 folder then open the file in the folder.

    Once you open it, find DisableTrilinearFiltering "0" and change it to a 1.
    Also find this: HardwareClass "4" Change the number to 1.

    Once you do that, open up the game click play, the error will still show, but hit escape and the game should open. Then you should be able to log in. It will be very slow, around 5-10 fps based on your computers hardware.

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