Diablo 3 Guide: Crit Damage vs Crit Chance | How to Get More DPS For Your Gold


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In this Diablo 3 Guide I explain how Critical Hit Chance (CC) and Crit damage (CD) work and interact with each other to increase your DPS. Using this information you should be able to identify and address weaknesses in your gearing. Knowing how CD and CC interact with each other will also allow you to increase your overall damage output in the most cost effective way possible.

Here is some CC vs CD Math!…


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  1. anybody know the highest legit critical hit damage you can get on a necklace? my buddy has an ouroboros that has 231% critical hit damage never seen anything above 110% tho besides weapons due to weapon sockets

  2. just use the dps calculator on theasiangamer. it imports your stats directly from your profile and there is a section that shows you the dps increase you would get per % extra crit, crit dmg, attack speed, main stat, etc.

  3. Thanks for the info. However it is usually wise to stack more critical chance due to to several moves relying on it. This is mostly true for Barbs, wizs and monks(battle rage, arcane on critical/critical mass, and cyclone respectively).

  4. Roll your face on the keyboard and win!

    Being serious though, if you are 1H you can get up to 533% CD and if you are 2H you can get 633% CD so you can still effectively get a lot more damage. You can only effectively get 1% more crit chance (not counting out of slot legendaries) so just ignore CC and try to max out your CD a bit more. Extra CD % you get from now on will make a big DPS difference.

    You have very good crit stats already but there is still work to be done!

  5. I wouldn't say no if you can get some cheap crit damage on your rings though!

    Another quick tip, 10% crit chance gloves are surprisingly cheap if you don't go for attack speed or Crit damage as well! If you need a heap more CC that is the first place to look.

  6. Wow Ziggy, I had no idea from the difference of crit damage and crit chance, far out. That helped me a lot. So doing what you said, to get crit chance on armour and crit damage on weps. Thank you very much mate!

  7. I have auction it for 2m.You can check it out if you want to see how the damage and the lower critical damage affects your overall damage.Do you think 2m is too much for mine?Good one finding a bow with so high dex. 🙂

  8. Ah yeah, the Dex is the real killer. It's actually making it pretty hard to find an upgrade since all the ones on the AH with sockets have low dex rolls. I just got really lucky with this one (it was my first ever set item find, no less).

    Put it on the AH, it should sell well as it's a decent Spite!

  9. Dex is 176,and the 76 Cd and weapon damage is 50%,it's an average not that good,if you want you can check it online.I can auction this for a price and see it.When i found this it had the most damage you could search for the auction house,but no socked 🙁 my battletag is TKLLLUIGI#2123

  10. I think what most people where really complaining about (even unknowingly to them) is the pitiful state that the game was released in. Blizzard rushed the release for some reason, but they would have been better of, delaying it 5 – 6 months to release it like it was during 1.0.4 and then slowly upgrading it. They would have probably sold more copy and made a shit tons more money on the RMAH that way.

  11. Interesting! What's the Dex roll on it? Mine is obscenely high (294) and this might overcome the DPS difference. Any other interesting stats? CD roll? I may have some money to throw at you if you can whet my appetite enough!

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