Diablo 3 | GR134 Solo Wizard | Rank 1 WORLD "All Classes"


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Terrible floor 1 – Awesome floor 2 – Useless cond – Awesome boss
Almost good 😛
Build :


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  1. Can someone tell me why he´s not dying ?
    My Meteor shower mage can tank 110s easily but Im nothing but paper with the LoN Build, even in 105s
    Idk if Im missing a key mechanic in this Build to survive tho

  2. I know nothing about the wizard but that was really cool. 1 minutes and 43 seconds left too. Question. How come people always pause the game at random intervals in these rifts?

  3. Very impressive, well executed, good job man! I think 135 or higher is more than possible!
    Do you feel any other builds will be able to clear 134+ in the coming months?

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