Diablo 3 for Nintendo Switch Review: Portable Diablo, No Phone Required


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Coming off of the disastrous Diablo Immortal announcement, the release of Diablo 3 for Nintendo Switch, which came out the same day, has been greatly overshadowed. So let’s give some attention to this awesome port that offers players the portable Diablo experience they deserve.



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  1. When announcing d immortal, wyatt should have said we love our pc fan base but portability is the future and its only fair we need to give all fans a fair chance at diablo with their prefer medium. Pc has many diablo games now it's switch/phone turn.

  2. I`ve seen a bunch of Diablo 3 Gameplay Videos on PC where Highlevel Endgame Charakters just jump right through the dungeons, activating various spells and prettty much speedrunning the level. Do you think, or maybe already have enough expierence in the Switch Version and know, if the Switch Version and the Controls is also capable of that Playstyle? Ofcourse a Mouse and Keyboard will always be superior to the Controller capabitlites, but im really curious if the game completely differs in that endgame section, or if it can compete.

  3. I have two teenage kids and we are all diablo 3 nuts. I had to buy three copies on release day but we continue to get so much enjoyment from this game. Worth every penny.

  4. Is there a way to communicate with your party members/clan/communities on Switch Diablo? Making friends and entire communities and being able to talk and/or chat with them while playing is an important reason why PC is such a great port for a game like Diablo.

  5. "Real gamers" will hate it anyway because it's not D2 Remastered. Most members of PC Master Race will hate console versions of D3 just because "elite PC game like Diablo should only be played with mouse and keyboard".

  6. This is the only Diablo 3 I’ve played. I love it. I play POE on pc and it’s my favorite game. Not sure the difference from pc to switch other than controls. D3 to me feels like a more guided POE making it perfect on the go. I play it every spare chance I can when I’m away from computer. Slap it on the big screen and me and the lady can play it. Perfect

  7. you said it right: even if it was made for pc, the console port feels like a game made for consoles… because they chose to limit everything to make it viable on console (limit the number of available skills, no trade, 4 maximum players per game, etc.). this is the type of adaptation that cuts creativity and player experience only to be able to sell more, this is the reason we hate diablo immortal. (p.s. I also own both pc and switch version but still think D2>>D3>D3 expansion)

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