Diablo 3 – Demon Hunter Gameplay 1 (Inferno) (Skeleton King)


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WTii’s Diablo 3 Inferno Demon Hunter Gameplay Part 1

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Game: Diablo 3
Media: Gameplay Commentary
Mode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer
Platform: RPG, Hack and Slash, fantasy
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  1. My Crusader friend is in real trouble now. On the second Cathedral floor she picked up a templar bloke to assist in completing his quest.

    The Crusader hasn't gone straight down to finish off the Skeleton King. Instead she's been going backwards and forwards collecting templar experience tomes and scoundrels and dice. With these she's been going through the Weeping Hollow crypts and through the upper levels of the Cathedral.

    Unfortunately mr bluzzard templar has been tagging along the whole time.

    It seems she's a fucking experience whore who is taking her fucking time. She's been trying to reach the Skeleton King but the levels are too big and too many floors.

    Now she's tired and really irritated and mad and stuck and lost and can't get out of the Cathedral. She tried to rush to the end but got lost. The 'lil lady' can't dismiss him incase he's critical for experience gain but can't continue incase the useless sack of shit disappears at the end of this act without giving up any extra quest experience.

  2. I'm good for now actually. Running through the Cathedral level 3 I found an 'artisan plan' for the blacksmith. I found out the Blacksmith can smith some Templar tomes and scoundrels which are great and the required essences can be found off low level Weeping Hollow and Crypt units.

    On top of that they give low exp. But the scoundrels and Templar tomes increase exp massively over low exp units. Giving a huge exp ratio for lower units.

  3. I've run into a brick wall. I got ROS and now I'm able to enter into New Tristram through Captain Rumford with the Crusader.


    I'm now up to Cathedral level 3 entry after going through the Ornate Door with the Chancellors Crown and clearing level 2.

    The objective here is 'Reign of the Black King'. I believe this refers to the Skeleton King Leoric.

    In order to get through the Ornate Door I had to move out the Cathedral, go down a crypt in a large graveyard then return to the Cathedral.

    The game design is failing. The character micro abilities are failing. The character level up design is failing. The design of New Tristram and It's taverns from a unique non WoW perspective is failing.

    If I face the Skeleton King the results could be catastrophic.

    My guess is return to the graveyard crypts? I don't know what to do.

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  5. It would seem that you need to kill skeletons to make them drop health vials where you want to vault to, so even if you do get hit you can still get back up to full health and take other hits.

  6. lol nice respond and that really shows that you have skills… Not like Athene that only has a lot of fanboys sending him a ton of gold and gear :/ By the way, why do you use the roll thing instead of smoke screen? No bitching/hating/complaining just want to know the pros and cons of each because i didnt decided yet thanks 😀

  7. the first two are correct but not crit chance. Get attack speed. I'm currently at 79kdps with 2.82 bolts a second with 153% crit damage and i use the passive sharpshooter/archery/steady aim. Crit chance is good to some extent but attack speed increases dps more than crit chance.

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