Diablo 3 – Demon Hunter – 1-70 Leveling Builds


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Hey guys, today I want to go over the build progression for a Demon Hunter as you’re leveling from 1-70, with a focus on high damage, cost-efficient, AoE skills whenever possible. I discuss some of the shortcomings early on, the major ‘breakthrough’ points, and a build starting in the early 30’s that will take you all the way to 70 – and possibly to T6. Enjoy and be on the lookout for specific Season 3 build videos!

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  1. I currently have 4 pieces of Ashera which causes all my followers to join me. And I also have 3 pieces of Aughilds Authority. But I don't seem to be doing a ton of damage in Torment II. I was wondering if this build would help to increase my damage output?

  2. I started S3 with a barb and got him to 70. Now I am having a dry spell with legendary drops so I am stuck in T3. Got sick of grinding, do I decided to level a DH for S3 as well. Your guide is super helpful, even though "every person playing Diablo 3 has already leveled to 70" … LOL anyway … keep up the vids, I like them.

  3. I used to really like your videos, but when you started begging for likes at the beginning of every video I became increasingly more aware of your greed. I understand that you want to make a living off of this, but begging for likes is just turning me off so much and it feels like you're just doing it for the money and not because you enjoy diablo. I dont know if others feel the same way, but I like people who are genuine like alkaizer. He would never beg for likes. I just wanted to say this, it will probably change nothing but oh well.

  4. Which quiver is better for this build: Bombardiers rucksack or the quiver that makes you gain 3 hatred from chakram? If I use the chakram one are there any accommodations I should make to the build?

  5. Slow down. Seems like a thumbs up cash video to me. Quality over quantity. Your avid viewers (myself included) will always support you but this video won't gain any MORE supporters because its kinda hard to follow what you're talkin' about unless you're an experienced player in which case "We've already leveled up" applies…

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