Diablo 3 Crusader | Curses / Star Align Conquest | Location | Solo – any season


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Video with Soloing Curses / Stars Align Conquest for Season 12 or any season with Crusader.

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Video with How and Where to do Curses for Softcore and Star Align for Hardcore, Conquest.

Location of the Cursed chest: Path of the Drowned, at the same spot you can get King of the Hill event and Yes,…


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  1. Thx for the build and the idea, I am on ps4, but cant get over 310 kills, even with 1,6 million damage lol. I wear the same items as you, besides for the belt I use witching hour and restraint+focus ring combo. My stats are 39% increased attackspeed, 50%crit chance, 336% crit damage, 45% cool down reduction.

  2. Hey, thanks for the video!
    Trying to do it on ps4. So far did only 320. I'm short on good Gogok, want to level it to 50+, and then try again.
    Also, do you think that I can just stay in lower left corner of cursed chest, or do I need to always move a little bit? On ps4 I can't move that little without losing stacks of Endless Walk damage.

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