Diablo 3 – Community Q&A #1 – Future Diablo Projects


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The first Community Questions and Answers segment, talking about Future Diablo Projects and More!

This is going to be a new frequent segment on my live stream where the viewers get the opportunity to ask questions and bring up topics for discussion. It’s always awesome to get feedback from you guys and questions to let me get a different perspective on the game.

If you want to ask questions live during a Q&A segment:
Catch me live at
Monday – Friday at 9pm…


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  1. You should have waayyy more subs than you do. Love your work, love your guides and i think the new meta podcast is absolutely brilliant. You should put it up on your channel also. Keep up the great work and best of luck..

  2. Job well done… Tough to play AND chat (and live – lol) but you did it well (most of the time). Good questions; Looking forward to the next installment. Thanks for all you do!

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