Diablo 3 All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p 60 FPS HD


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This is definitely one of those games that works better with just the cutscenes. The gameplay would get too cumbersome. As always, Blizzard did an amazing job with their storytelling. For this game movie we used the Demon Hunter, but we will also be posting all the different character stories in one video. This includes the…


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  1. Did anyone notice in 7:32 to 7:35 that there were 5 streaks of falling stars during Tyrael's sacrifice? The other one was small and not very obvious. It is on the upper right of the group. What could that be? Could it be Tyrael's armor shard? Tyrael's wings?

  2. For Blizzard story sake I get it but IN THE BIBLE A low level Archangel Michel defeated the devil with out trying. So if one ange mopped the floor with the devil all Jesus is gotta do is snap his fingers and
    GOD:because u have served ur insignificant purpose of showing humanity that I am Good, Love, and truly the creator of all things.

  3. There are a lot of quality games out there. I only came to this video to see the cutscenes; it was the one thing Blizzard did competently. Well, in fact. I advise you to look elsewhere for a good game; Blizzard graphics have always been years behind their competition, and now even their CGI is unsatisfactory. For a company as wealthy as Blizzard to begin a game with cheap pseudo-animation is an insult to their customers. For a company that had a reputation for at least getting that part of the game right, it is an insult to themselves.

  4. Not as smooth as I think it should be on my screen, but on my end probably if any probs. In any case, nice one putting them all together and nice of course, Blizzard doing wonderful work. I love this!

  5. Will you ever be doing a version showing not just the cut scenes but also all the important dialogues related to the main story line? I think only showing the cut scenes don't really do it justice, and feel like more of a compilation of cut scenes instead of a game movie to me.

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