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  1. This makes me sad because back in the day when this game was lit we found this stuff on a daily basis easy as fuck, running d2jsp with the amount of stuff. This… This was not special. You know how many damn enigmas people made? Enough to make Jah worth fuck all but now you lose your mind over it and other trash items. Talk when you find 2oc coa of perf Griff's stuff like that not a fuckin Jah rune bro gtfo I had 3 accounts and my brother had 2 and they were our GG equipment for sale gtfo with a Jah it was never worth shit don't pretend it is you just don't know where to go to farm the right stuff my man I bet you don't even know the good old classic farming method to farm rares that would sell for more than anything in the game period, wtf has happened to D2 over the years if people are hyped about a Jah

  2. Hat's off to the people who made this game. If after all these years it's still fun and you don't get bored farming stuff for years, that means they did a great job.

  3. You can make a ZOD Llama, but I feel as though the Holy Grail Sorc is to specifically "find" the items.

    Realistically, I just want you to find a ZOD Rune on your holy Grail. And for how elusive Griswolds/Mang song's has been. It just might happen lolol.

  4. wtf you found jah after 2 and a half year, I found one after 200 travincal runs, now im scared of getting my next Jah after 2 years cuz im planning of making last wish

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