Diablo 2 – Hitting LEVEL 98 TODAY !!! 09/24/2018


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  1. is this game worth buying in 2018? ive been itching to play it and its only 12 dollars. I wanna feel the nostalgia, hearing this music brings back so many memories

  2. I think you missed an oppurtunity when you decided against dinging on Bishibosh. Welp. I guess I have to do it myself. 7 levels to go, here we go.
    Also I guess you would pass the witchhunt trials. seeing as you just wouldn't burn in the fire.

  3. Question, can you buy (realm) runes in exchange for gold on latest Plugy version? If so, can you disable it in .ini? Overall, how do the rune/item drop rates feel in this mod when compared to realm?

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