DAMN! Sylvanas Wrathgate Revelation & BRUTAL 8.1 Actions, Darkshore Revamp, Diablo $$$ Leak | News


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Alex Afrasabi revealed that Sylvanas had a lot more to do with Wrathgate than we first thought, or than was suggested by Chronicle. In game, the 8.1 lore is getting extra spicy, with big lore moves for the Zandalari, and continuation of Sylvanas’s questionable decision making. The Darkshore revamp is here, and, of course, there’s more Diablo Immortal news.


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  1. Good vid, thanks for the run down. Although, I don't know why the Horde players are shocked by Sylvanas' actions and Alex's admissions. Anyone who has played through the Gilnean starting area has seen her do this same exact stuff, she just didn't have as much power as before. I almost rolled Horde to support my homie Suarfang, but I don't think I want to be part of an army that is willing to justify genocide…multiple times…on their own troops…

  2. I guess what they are gonna show is that this isn't the real sylvanas, it's Xal'a'tath and she's and old god. So we end up facing G'Huun, Azshara and Xal'a'tath all in one expansion. Idk………

  3. As far as the fate of Sylvanas, everything needs to match the recent surge in 2nd wave liberal narrative; you're either good and with "us", or you're inherently evil and deserve to die. WoW used to be a labor of love and creators had all kinds of characters with their own choices, be that good, bad, crazy or anything in-between. This is no longer the case. You are either for Azeroth (world) or you are an evil character, who will be ridiculed and destroyed, just like Garrosh. Sure it sucks comparing game to politics, but this game is declaring evil and killing off any character who is not pro, unicorns, rainbows and crap like that. The writing is becoming more and more sloppy and lazy. Game lore is starting to look a lot like liberal politics of the US. What? you prefer "for the Horde" over "for Azeroth"? you must be nationalist. You deserve to be declared "the worst thing ever", so that we can kill you off fast and with no regrets. It sucks to see the characters I known for 14 years get killed off by shitty writers, who are on a liberal crusade. Same crap happened with Guild Wars 2 and that lunatic lady on the twitter. Every one has to cram their shitty agenda into games. Everyone must tell you how to think. Its a god damn game. Let me enjoy being part of a crazy Horde, led by a batshit crazy Warchief Garrosh, Sylvanas or some other character. You want a sensitive and honorable figure, fine! make one, have it for people who want that, but don't just kill off the alternatives.

  4. I think only the most thick headed people did not realize that sylvanas was the real mastermind or at least the instigator behind wrathgate. there was no way she did not know and influence the incident. And also you remember who ashvane was communicating with?? old gods!!

  5. So your saying that someone who has been planning this for a while now
    Since 2006, is not credible and thus everything he is doing is wrong?
    Huh, sounds like you really just don't like the idea of Ms. Forsaken Queen being a villian
    But don't attack me, just pointing out a bit of bias i'm seeing
    That's all, also

  6. according to the diablo 4 , this is not the blizzard ive loved for 20 years , feelsbadman. they went from making games for the players, affordable and fun and listenting , to thinking about money before the game.

  7. wrong , this is great writing, the reason for her leaving them behind is , she wants to be alone with lady ashvane, she does not want the noble allies to hear her plans, it makes perfect sense , it shows the ppl who still dont sees it that sylvanas has her own agenda , and just uses the horde as means to an end, and its not about trusting her allies with a mission, its that they are disposeable, if they didnt get it done and died she would just send 3 more etc. this is how blizzard made sylvanas, her story has been building as egotistical ( on behalf of her people ) since the forsaken were introduced into wow.

  8. Totally agree, I am even having a hard time playing because of what Blizzard has done with the story! We just get done fighting and dying together to start a war against each other over nothing!! We came together to save Argus, wouldn't we be even more united to save Azeroth our Home!!!???

  9. I don’t understand the “Why is Sylvanas acting evil?!” tantrums. She’s always been that way. The original creation narrative in Classic for Forsaken straight up said the Forsaken don’t give a rat’s caboose about the Horde, and Sylvanas is just using them to accomplish her goals.

    That’s why she recruits the Blood Elves, to have more true allies and clout in the Horde.

    That’s why she develops the new plague that kills literally everything that breathes.

    That’s why she orders Putress to plague the Wrathgate. She kills loads of living people (whom she hates) and undead Scourge (whom she really hates) and has a chance to kill Arthas (whom she loathes). Then, she geniusly blames it on Putress and Varimathras, so now she looks loyal to the Horde while killing everyone.

    That’s why she invaded Gilneas and tried to slaughter everyone. If it hadn’t been for the Worgen curse and its immunity to undeath, she would’ve succeeded.

    That’s why she gladly takes the opportunity to kill Orcs under Garrosh since she’s always hated the honorable aspect of the Horde.

    That’s why she gladly accepts the title of Warchief and tries to enslave Eyir for her own preservation.

    That’s why she slaughters all of the Desolate Council as soon as she has a valid excuse at the Gathering.

    That’s why she kills everyone in Teldrassil and plagues everyone in Lordaeron.

    She literally hates everyone living and wants to see everyone undead (loyal to her of course) or dead. If you remember that she’s always been a punk, then her current actions aren’t outlandish. She just has more authority and opportunity to be a punk now.

  10. I mean, I hate Sylvanas as much as the next guy, but I give Blizz the benefit of the doubt here. It's in the character of Sylvanas to drive war by only her will veiled by "care for the Horde". That shows her resolve and strength of that will. She may miscalculate impact of her decisions on the other leaders, but what we're missing is her end goal. Imagine if her endgame is making everyone undead, because void or whatever, or just because she wants to be THE Queen. It'd make a lot more sense. Kind of proverbial "boiling frog" in terms of the Horde, that they wouldn't know where it's all going until it is too late (which of course won't happen, but maybe barely). There are yours parallels between LK and her. You know that Nietzsche quote, that was included in the intro for Baldur's Gate: "Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.". It'd make her a bit of a tragic villain/anti-hero, that would drew parallels yet further to Arthas and LK story, which is fan's favourite, also reinforcing the influence that this monomyth got on people. Most of the Horde folks feel uneasy with what's been happening, but they follow their Warchief, because that's the idea behind this organization, what are their options anyway? There comes split in Horde as well which may also lead to cool story/gameplay implications, so I kinda try not to judge too much yet. I can say with certainty that WoD's lore for example was sketchy at best and you can see cuts and weird decisions all over the place later on – now. But then, I was looking forward as to how the story may progress. Aaanyway, it'll probably not end up too sophisticated sadly, but I can imagine scenarios where all of this could make sense more.

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