COD, Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 Gaming Glory (TPS 79 / The Podcast Show Episode 79)


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  1. Guy on the top right was shitting on Titanfall 2 for their beta. But when guy on the bottom right said he didn't try BF1 because of the beta, guy on the top right got all upset with him for judging the game by the beta, and how the beta is NOT the full game etc etc. Yet earlier with Titanfall, his mind was completely made up based on a beta. Kind of hypocritical. And I have to imagine, this must have been recorded just days before Titanfall 2 came out. Because now that people are playing, it is universally LOVED for both the campaign and multiplayer. Me personally, the multiplayer is AMAZINGLY fun. They just nail the movement. It's so seemless the way you can get around, but fight while doing it. I don't know how they achieve such speed, yet maintain the ability to be so precise, but they do. When I play COD, it's going to be MWR. When I want something more fast and intense and futuristic, it will be Titanfall 2. Infinite Warfare loses twice this year, for me

  2. I think Jordie is really underestimating the amount of people that are going to vote for trump. It's not considered ok to be a trump supporter so no wonder they aren't coming out and saying that they are voting for him. We'll see on election day.

  3. "I don't fuck with IW because of wall running and thrust jumping"….."Titan Fall 2 is good because of thrust jumping and wall running" Why? IW and TF2 are the same game minus scorestreaks………………i don't get it

  4. I was loving the wrestling talk, but then Wings said the Miz vs Chris Jericho would be the most boring match ever. psh. The Miz is the best heel in the business, and Jericho is the best entertainer and ring psychologist in wrestling. I couldn't take any of his wrestling talk seriously after that

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