CHAMPIONS LEAGUE TIME! – Fifa 18 Atletico Madrid Career Mode – Relegation Regen Rebuild – EP 72


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Its time for the Champions League!

Atletico Madrid have been Relegated to the second division in this all new Fifa 18 Career Mode. What will it take to get this once Mighty team back to the first division and will they be able to challenge in the champions league once again?

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  1. Hey DK, maybe a little challenge for a new series.
    Can you recreate your favourite players that you’ve scouted over the years from FIFA 15 to FIFA 18, and put them in a team in England, maybe Notts County( it was the first career mode I watched), put them in the Premier league and champions league, and try to win the treble(premier league, champions league and fa cup).
    Choose 33 players so like 3 for every position and recreate them from when they were in their prime.
    I know they have 99 potential but don’t train them and do just maybe 1 season as a fun series as soon as RRR is finished.

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