Blizzcon Wrap-Up: Classic Breakdown, Diablo Debacle And My Thoughts


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Hey guys! So, been thinking over the course of the last few days how to formulate a video highlighting my thoughts on Blizzcon. I couldn’t think of a better way to do it then straight off the cuff ol’ natural. Hope you enjoy the video and have a great day gaming!


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  1. Hey man, love your content but “authentic 2k-3k servers” aren’t correct. Was 1-1.5k. 2-3k was from the private servers. And we have to think. They aren’t trying to cater to the vanilla purists, they are caring to new players. If a new player logs in and can’t even turn in quests that isn’t a good gameplay experience. They have watched the death of private servers when a “fresh” one opens up I’m sure so they understand that you need to put a lot of players on a server so that one server doesn’t die or so they don’t have to merge. This will mean they need sharding to keep players from getting the lag/freezes.
    Do I want sharding long term? Not at all. I love the amount of people even if it was a lag fest. But I played in 2005, others didn’t so we have to cater to new people trying the game.

  2. Hey Dungeonjay, here in Brazil all community are upset about Mobile Diablo , we are PC gamers in general , we all play wow a lont time ( 2004-2018 ) , Diablo 1, 2 and ofc , Warcraft … i hope we have a great Vanilla wow realms , no Sharding or CRZ …… Cheers !

  3. I'm with you on Sharding. It might be okay at first for a few weeks/months just because of the people who have not played Vanilla so they will want to try it along with Vanilla vets. remember the quest where you needed like Zebra hooves or something and the drop rate for that quest item was so low it took average around 40-60 zebra kills. Now put all people on that Horde quest in the same "shard". Nightmare fuel lol xD But i feel once the early quests "Choke Points" populations have eased a bit they can drop sharding and have a true Classic feel. But I enjoyed the vid man. And on the Ninja Loot thing, I feel like it was just one of those risks involved with Vanilla. Kind of like Solo Que in Comp. CSGO. Its a risk you will get a Hacker on your team and when said hacker is punished that win/lose/tie is taken off your account but your ELO rating still took a hit.

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