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►My Live Reaction to the Blizzcon 2018 Opening Ceremony

►woah blizzcon soon

►My Thoughts on the Classic WoW Demo

►Siding With Saurfang in Patch 8.1

►The Classic WoW SFK Run…

So Blizzcon is over and it’s very clear that Blizzard has made a LOT of…


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  1. Sure nobody wants diablo mobile. We will see how much they will not want and install. And stop crying about lootsharing. Maybe you want a fkn bugs from classic as well? Go and die bro.

  2. Damn DUde i like your Videos but….
    But even with Loot Trading i can ninja loot other Pepole. And it didnt make any sense to me (even in 2004) to not give a friend a fucking Sword if i clickt on accident on need.
    And for sharding , damn dude , you as streamer need sharding. Imagine a starting zone on Launch Day. With the same old Player Cap for one Server , 100+ Pepole etc.
    It is something you need in those Days in a certaint ways.
    The same thing for the new Char Models. Why we throw them away ? Something you can turn on and off and just you can see it. It would be stupid to not put something like that into the Game.

    But now i want that you put all your Graphic Settings on the Classic , Vanilla once. Because otherwise its not Classic. ;D

  3. how do you suggest reaching out to blizzard, to address these types of suggestions ? im basically talking about all the "community" stuff etc..
    cuz on their website I only find "technical support" and not a lot about "suggestions"

  4. sharding is cancer. Whenever I try to farm a rare mob I always get 3 other players to compete with me cause they think I m lonley out there

  5. If you are that against sharding the starting zones I’d of loved to of seen your neck beard whining when you can’t log in due to repetitive server crashes. Famous error of Diablo rings a bell.

    Will never be the same; stop trying to recapture the days we have put into a dead and long gone game. People will be disappointed with classic as it will never be what we want or remember.

  6. Agree 100% Nixiom.

    What Blizz fails to understand is that drama and competition are huge parts of what made original Wow challenging and fun at the same time.

    I loved competing for tags … I remember raging over loot drama and the arguments that came from it. Blizzard literally over-estimates how fun the basic game of wow is if you strip out all the social interaction that made it great back in the day, both good and bad social interaction.

    That said, I won't be playing vanilla. There are too many other good games to enjoy these days and Blizz just pisses me off now. Good video tho and keep it up.

  7. Man, this is real hard for me to decide.. On one hand, I'm really disappointed and I'm alot of times angry and just about the leave the game, but then I remember that I'm gonna still comeback to this game because I love it even tho I hate it. I'll remember the times I played with my friends and yeah, I have a feeling of playing it full nonstop again, but then I realise I don't have any friends anymore on WoW – I keep telling myself I have to socialize more, yadiyadiyada. Mixed feelings, that's my opinion. 😀

  8. Mobile games are stupidly huge in china because they make most of the phones in the world and the shareholders are considering to share more and more shares to activation so even a fraction of china's money will help the companies out .

  9. With the loot trading that makes ninja looting worse since now they have a way to make gold off of this. They need your item and if they win force you to give them money for said item. Or a streamer could abuse his followers in a raid to get a certain item from the drop or you and your friends can make it to where no one else gets any items while you all get what you want. It’s not good

  10. Lmao loot sharing doesn't kill ninja looting in fact it makes ninja looting worse or a more enticing, you can now need roll that sword from that warrior and extort him for money for you to give it to him, sure that person and all his friends can just need roll the item to give it to him but you can do the same thing too with all those "friends" you made back in the starting zone without sharding or wait that won't every happen you will group up for one named dude kill him then all leave with out saying shit to each other lol. hell with loot sharing now if you have a team of randoms you can all need roll everyone else gear and extort them for money it will be a grand old time.

  11. As someone who started playing at the end of classic, I can say that you definitely are looking at classic WoW through rose tinted glasses. The reason for sharding at launch isn't so that you're competing with a couple other people for a mob, it's for when the thousand people in the start area on launch day aren't competing for the 10 mobs in one little area all at once. The reason for loot sharing is plain and obvious, it creates a more cohesive experience for players, it'll keep them playing the game. Communities on servers don't exist anymore, they haven't for years and people have become conditioned to this, so even if a ninja looter were to appear, nobody is going to care at the end of the day because it's against the norm they've grown accustomed to. I don't think Blizzard is out of touch with recreating classic WoW as best they can, I think you're out of touch with what classic WoW actually was.

  12. Lol, Nixxiom, loot sharing isn't going to stop people from ninja looting and being blacklisted. What it will do is encourage people to bring along friends to roll need on that item and trading it to them later, which is still ninja looting and they can still get blacklisted for doing so if caught. As for the sharding, personally I'm on the fence with that one. I don't like the thought of it but the more I think about it, the more I think it's necessary in the beginning. A ton of people are going to flood the starting zones and if the inability to tag mobs and complete quests seems frustrating enough, the possible lag will just make the zones unplayable altogether. Some people may even have trouble logging in. In fact, that's actually what happened within the first four weeks of WoW and Blizzard had to stop selling the game periodically just so they could have enough time to get it under control. It's all a work in progress, though, so don't judge Blizz just yet.

  13. Total Agreement (and not just because my very first toon, on day 1, was a warlock). Blizzard has dumbed down the game so much that there's no point even playing it any more. I don't want to see those easy-mode features in the classic reboot(!). I'm so looking forward to a classic reboot.


  14. Nixxiom…Ima level with you. I agree with you on two out of three things that blizzard are doing right now that i cannot see being good for anyone in your video. Phasing/Sharding, and Mobile Diablo.

    BUT…You are picking at straws you cant possibly see when it comes to loot sharing. Really? You want ninja looting to be the VERY FIRST THING people get to do in our beloved "CLASSIC WOW EXPERIENCE"? Okay…let me put it in your own words. You said, IF a mage and a warrior need on a sword meant for a warrior, and the mage gets it…thats…a good thing? Listen man, i dont care what nonsense you spout about this, but if im playing classic WoW, i get a group together to do a dungeon, and some guy accidentally needs on something that i need and they cant use it, and i could not get it from him, i would punch out of that game faster then you could blink and LEAVE THE GAME…PERMANENTLY. I dont care if it isnt 100% classic, WE NEED THAT SHIT WHETHER YOU THINK SO OR NOT. That same idea of a ninja looter still happens irregardless of loot sharing or not. That mage could decide to be a dick and not trade it to me…MAKING HIM A CUNT NINJA LOOTER, just like…oh…i dont know…LIKE A DAMN NINJA LOOTER who would thinking of doing it from the start. So you ENTIRE ARGUMENT was just debunked. Nixxiom, its one thing that will still have the same outcome irregardless of if its there or not. Either not having it and Ninja Looters still ninja loot, or have it, and ninja looters still ninja loot But the nice people who misclick can be nice guys and future friends by giving the loot to a person it should go to.

    But again, i ABSOLUTELY agree with Sharding/Phasing and the Moba Diablow thing. It sucks that i like D3, and now they are making something that my phone wont ever be able to play, and it does seem like a unwanted thing to begin with. so hopefully Blizz higher-ups and shareholders understand that we pay money for good products…not bads.

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