BF3 Tips & Tricks: How to Beast with the AN94 Tutorial | Best Attachment (Battlefield 3 Gameplay)


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  1. It does require some skill to play cod, also its the same thing every year because that is what people want. Why can't people like bf3 and cod, its simply immature.

  2. Love the AN-94. Most people don't know how to use this gun properly; that's why they say it sucks & give up on it after the first time trying it.
    I beasted with it in BC2, & it's my top weapon for BF3. Sure gonna miss it in BF4. Can't help but be optimistic that it will be in one of the upcoming DLC's tho. DICE can't disappoint the loyal AN-94 fans like that.

  3. You sir, have gained my respect. I dont think I could use the AN-94 that long and have that many service stars. Then again, I am just an average player. Might play quite a bit but I'm no pro. Any tips that you could give? :p

  4. finally, someone who does not use this gun like a noob, most videos i see reviewing this gun are from people without trigger fingers, aim, and suggest putting foregrip while using full auto mode on this fine piece of weaponry. noobs all noobs. my loadout: burst fire mode kobrasight, heavy barrel, bipod let's go.awesome video beasting like a boss

  5. I suppose different people have different views on what is a good game. How someone can sit and play Blops 2 and actually have fun is beyond me. Each to their own.

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