Best Offline Games like Diablo 3 | Diablo Similar Games


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➤ Best Offline Games like Diablo | Diablo Similar Games
■ Fate
■ Titan Quest
■ Dungeon Siege
■ Torchlight
■ The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
■ Grim Dawn
Game Wolcen Lords of Mayhem not on the list because it is Early Access ,i will update late

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  1. Does anyone know anyone one youtube who knows the game from a picture i found the picture of a game i played long ago and wanna replay it but i do not know the game name :C plz help ?!

  2. Honestly I think Borderlands 2 is such a good dungeon crawler I'd consider putting it on this list, I know it's not classically considered a "rogue-like" but it's loot system is why I like the game in the first place and the writing is 10/10. So fun. All that it's missing is a "rift" type system with procedural generated dungeons. My GOD that game would be my favorite game of all time if it had that functionality.

  3. Dungeon Hunter 3 on mobile is still among the best, especially with a controller. I THINK that one was still offline, because I was all over it, recovering from an internal surgery, back in 2014 — and I din't even have a controller, there. In any case, GREAT h-n-s/ARPG game!

    Thanks for these suggestions!

  4. so bore! i never like the game the so unreal like these, i love the one which more reality like Drakensang Online, you can just stand and attack face to face like idiots, you need the skill to avoid the dmg, jump, stun the enemy… etc that's why I only like Drakensang Online, but this game now is like super shit which gather many payers, not f2p anymore

  5. Torchlight 2 and Titan Quest = best arpg in my opinion ,both amazing games ….grim dawn i try but dont like questing in that game…van hellisng i did not try yet ..that will be my next game to play…for online play path of exile and devilian are good..only problem with devilian is end game is boring but its good game to kill some time(while last its BLAST:)after that delete buton….

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