Behind The Myths – (PUBG – Vol.1)


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Behind The Myths – (PUBG – Vol.1) | DefendTheHouse
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These videos are available 2 weeks early to Patreon pledges. Welcome back to Behind The Myths! This is the behind the scenes footage filmed during the making of PUBG Myths – Vol. 1. Full episode here:

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  1. Vol.2 should be out this week! Due to me and Jamison having to currently record these on public servers, we encountered a lot of other players, I included a bonus section at the end of the video of our fights and interactions with them, might be a bit too 'lets play' like for some people but its the last section if people want to skip it.

  2. on the NA server, 6 of our friends were able to DUO drop at the same time, sometimes only 2 of 3 other we did all 3 groups, obviously you have to be very coordinated in getting ready to press the start button. We had more successes on the AS server, almost 90% of the time. We were all wearing red shirts and buddy up with opposites so we wouldnt shoot each other.

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