Battlefield’s Battle Royale NEEDS To Be FREE (BF5 Firestorm) – Battlefield 5


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Battlefield’s Battle Royale NEEDS To Be FREE (BF5 Firestorm) – Battlefield 5.

Firestorm, Battlefield’s attempt at Battle Royale, is currently set to be released in March of 2019. Will it be good? Will it make a mark on the gaming landscape? Will it bring in more players? Well we don’t know. But I’m convinced it needs to be free to play. And not just free to play, but hopefully totally separate from Battlefield V. BF5 could really do with Firestorm doing as well as it possibly can. I…


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  1. IMPORTANT EDIT – "Free to play" means free for everyone. Not just people who bought BF5. That's what we're talking about today.

    What do you think about Firestorm? Are you interested? Should it be free? Should it be seperate from Battlefield 5?

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  2. I can say without a shadow of a doubt EA and DICE will not make Firestorm free to play. I hope they do good guy I really do. However I think it will be a free expansion. If not then this die hard battlefield fan might just start to get pissed. 😁

  3. Hey @GetGoodGuy loving the vids, keep up the good work!! I think it should defo be free. It may just (if done right, fingers crossed) help take away some of the negative feeling this game has already received and (again, if done right) start to get people excited and interested in playing. I am interested in seeing what its like, not sure whether it will draw me away from the main game but interested in checking it out (once done right) 🙂

  4. Disagree. All the people who bought the game will then have an obsolete product since everyone will move to the free version. This is even worse than discounting it after few weeks

  5. If they make it free how do they make money? What skin would you bother paying for that is currently on bf5? Who wants a historical game where you could get skins that dress you up as micky mouse doing the floss? Not a bright idea at all. I feel like ive seen a video where you said the same things about blackout (could have been someone else but im pretty sure they had the same voice) which is starting to lead me to think maybe youre just a 12 year old kid who cant afford to buy games so needs these games to come out for free 🙄

  6. The way this game has been trending, Firestorm will most likely be delayed. Honestly not really hyped for it anymore due to the major issues the core game has proven.
    Edit – is this game being done by same developer?

  7. No! We do not need non Battlefield players in Firestorm. Newb killing aside I and I believe most Battlefield players wanna play with Battlefield players not lone wolf ass wipes. The only way Firestorm is going to be something fresh and new is that we will be playing a Battlefield version not catering to bored COD players.

  8. Yo yo Ggg..Chris Kinchen here….✌️👊🇬🇧 personally I don't think that Firestorm should be free at all…can u imagine all the under 12 year olds filling up the servers and annoying the hell out of every legit BFV player..bad idea to be honest…I personally loved the beta ,made me want to buy the game ,bought the deluxe version only to see a few weeks later it's half price😩😩😩. The game is amazing for the money you can buy it for now so let the public make up their own minds if they want to buy the Whole's a lot of game for the money in my opinion…maybe dice are banking on it bringing people back into the game so a good idea in my book…my issue is that we still don't really know a thing about it yet and it being so close…are dice a little apprehensive at this point that it might be a flop or is there a chance it could be absolutely amazing..nobody knows a thing about it….I think they are hoping that this game is a slow burner…I subscribed to your channel over a year after BF1 the game was released and your vids I expect are still getting views today because many people got the game late for free…I believe the same will happen with BFV but firestorm for free is not a good idea…that's my opinion…just wish I knew more about the game I bought 2 months ago…? Why are dice being so tight lipped..? Anyway bro love your vids👊 stoffin out…👊🇬🇧

  9. It’ll be free in game and im sure it’ll be a decent addition with youtubers giving it rave reviews thus people will go out and buy it on the cheap to get in on the action.

    I’d be surprised if there wernt many quirky customisations as thats where they’re likely to make up for lost time in terms of making money

  10. We best get some freebies. I paid for bfv and one of the features I was interested in was firestorm and got the deluxe stuff, now if people get it for free I'll be pissed off, give me some boins for having the full game, but if all the cosmetics and outfits are separate and I have to grind twice or pay this game can go to hell/cex. The game is a shambles as it is, if you give the bf vets and owners the exact same as the free people nobody will be another bf game again. They could just lock out all the normal unlocks mp stuff from the free people or like Fortnite make it if they have the free one they have to have the season pass to access their level unlocks but full game people don't, but they can still buy with real money that will work.

  11. I'm so bored of Battlefield 5 honestly, I love the gunplay and had so much fun getting up to level 50 but then it just got boring fast, I normally play a Battlefield game religiously until a new one is out but this time I just can't bring myself to play more than the odd round and then I find myself turning it off again.

  12. If the battle royale mode be free, Dice should add new uniforms and skins for guns like at least once a week to keep the players like fortnite (i haven't played it and I don’t know if they add the new cosmetics weekly or monthly). That would be good for some people who don’t care about historical correctness, but for me it would be kinda weird to see british solders with british uniforms all long with british solders with pink, lime, cyan and other bright colors shit pieces of fabric.

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