Battlefield V’s 3 Biggest Mistakes (Will It Affect Sales?)


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  1. Here is my American opinion whether you all like it or not: The war lasted about 6 years. I would say the tides of war idea needs to be accurate to what was happening and it needs to be 100% released within 1 year. That will give fresh updates and keep people hooked. The first phase of tides should be Germany's invasion of Poland, Norway, Africa, Dunkirk, Russia and those similar areas. That is when the female characters could flourish with resistance to the Nazis, etc. 2 months after release they should include the Pacific theatre. Have a huge naval/air battle map at Pearl Harbor, Iwo Jima, and those pacific islands. It will be a nice visual break from Europe and those Naval battles will be epic, remember how fun Parcel Storm was? Then 2, maybe 3 months after that Stalingrad, Italy, Sicily and Iran areas, maybe more north Africa action. Then finally I say June 6th they release D-day and the US invasion of Normandy. Heavy tank action, bombers, dog fights, French landscapes, Paris, and the push on Berlin. Every one of these theatres are so different and would be so epic. This is my ultimate wish.

  2. I think saving the pacific theater for a later dlc while initially focusing on the lesser known battlefields of ww2 is actually a smart move on their part. This dissuades the common criticism of ww2 games that they just rehash the same few big battles every time with a new coat of paint.

  3. With the blue man group in he reveal trailer I wouldn't be surprised (if they include the pacific theatre) if I saw a blue Asian man jump out of a tree and kill me

  4. I'm just waiting for game play from E3 and hopefully historically accurate servers with tons of conquest games to choose from. Who knows lol. WW2 should have tons of customisation anyway without adding crap that totally distorts history etc etc. The reveal was horrid. If EA and Dice don't change their tune I won't be buying.

  5. What the actual fuck… Just because 50% of audience are American doesn't mean the game has to circle only around Americans. That policy already ruined BF1s launch with there not being French but some fukcing 'Muricans instead.

  6. Battlefield every year make a game go stale… look at CoD…. people are not playing those games as much. Sure CoD will do well this year but we’ll have to see about the longevity of the game. So I hope no BF every year.

  7. #1 everybody quit listening to this 15 year old kid about Battlefield. Who gets 2nd hand formation from everybody elses channels. #2 this kids stats aren't that great in Battlefield period. #3 anyone who plays battlefield should know that they release most Naval battle maps about a year from launch date. #5 Get good Lazergamer.

  8. It may affect sales. I mean you got Fallout 76 announcing on June 10 and other game like Rockstar’s RDR 2 And Treyarch’s BO4 but I think it’ll be a great game.

    EDIT: It may definitely affect sales. Fallout 76 is now for a release maybe on October 27. Wonder why all the good games are releasing this year in October

  9. I don’t see why ppl call you negative when talking about this game if you are the most positive YouTuber when talking about the bad aspect of the game, keep up the outstanding work!

  10. Sells don't really matter that much at the end of the day in oppose to the gameplay and replayability of the game itself. Rainbow Six Siege looked to be dead on arrival from its sells numbers, and look how far it has gone.

  11. Kudos on being one of the few gamer analyst who understand that game release problem with BFV …especially since DICE is determine to enrage it's customer base due to my guess being GREED. Oh well .. Bravo!

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