BATTLEFIELD V – What the Heck is the: MP28


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A new series where we take a look not necessarily at a weapon’s statistics in their entirety, but rather their place in the grander scheme of the game.

In game discussion starts at 05:01



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  1. Good idea for a series. Will try out this weapon more, but in regular frontlines I think. I find breakthrough to be slow and frustrating at times with many camping players and tanks.

  2. Cool video. I like the historical bit at the beginning. I know it's not black & white but it would be cool to have a bottom line at the end… i.e. should I use this gun or not? Would help stupid people like me.

  3. I dont use the MP28, if i am going to use a fast firing big mag SMG i might as well use one that has managable ADS recoil and a higher rpm like the suomi or thompson

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