Battlefield V Review


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EA’s latest shooter isn’t the disaster you’ve been led to believe it is.

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  1. Haha. This is a comedy right? Oh no ok peace. Ea dont care I don't care either. I dont know if EA gave you the best handjob or something. Your the only person who seems to like it

  2. People moaning saying its Battlefield 1.1.. If they changed it that much they would still moan saying it’s not the same as it used to be. lol! People feel the need to slate any game now days it’s pretty pathetic.

  3. I love bfV and i’ve played it since early access, but … WHY does a game NEED TO HAVE microtransactions? And i’m not only talking about EA, alot of companies are adding microtransactions to their games. I’ve always thought this was a normal thing to do but if you think about it, it’s just ridiculous. Getting people to buy a game for 60 dollars and the asking them to pay more money.

  4. You lost me, when you said single player war stories are "pretty damn good". I love BF franchise and I bought BFV already, but to claim that these three short SP missions with almost no plot whatsoever are a reason to buy this game, its straight ouf lie. Nobody with common sense buys BFV for single player. Last good single player game in bf franchise was Bad Company 2 and its only because it didnt treat itself too seriously. So stop lying!

  5. And of course, everyone is bashing it. Guys, just admit that the game is alright, and put this behind us so we can enjoy video games.

  6. This game at least for me gives me a little bit of that bf3 action and somewhat of bf4 as well. Which I'm really surprised because it's set in world war 2. But it's really a good game if your playing with a group of friends it's amazing. Playing this game solo can be frustrating more than the recent battlefield games like BF1 or hardline. But it's not for every type of gamer. Still I say it' safe to say this game takes more skill in it's own way and I like that.

  7. I'd rather wait for ea to complete the game and play instead of just waiting for the game to release. What do you want them to do? Push up the release date when its already set? just because a couple of minor bugs that aren't even game breaking?

  8. I'm downloading as I watch this. Passed on Black Ops 4 and I enjoyed BF1. Met some cool heads there so we're teaming up on this new game. We'll see if I like. Ive been a COD head but BF1 sold me to this franchise.

  9. Snipers are pathedicly underpowered they should be a 1 shot from the chest up there is no point sniping if you can't kill in 1 shot they just hide and heal and means you need a headshot to do anything not realistic at all

  10. People not buying it purely on a silly comment by EA are just stupid. Make a proper informed decision. It's much better then bf1.. The best bf ever? No.. But it's going to get better in time.

  11. I really hate that they removed the sweet spot feature for snipers. When playing scout on Battlefield 1, that feature made it feel less suicidal to play the objective. Now that headshots are a requirement I mostly can only kill stationary targets (I play on console, not as easy to aim as it is with a mouse.) and most people aren't gonna stand still. So if I play as a sniper I can't play the objective with much success. So sadly I won't be playing as an aggressive sniper anymore. Not a fan of that.

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