Battlefield Top Plays #83


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This week’s Battlefield Top Plays!
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  1. Aim assist is ruining games in general, is a step backward, gamers want the easy way, too hard for them 😂😂😂pubg is king, why cant cod or BF5 make both free aim servers and aim assist servers, one has to rent a server to make it free aim to make it free aim which no one will join anyway

  2. Clip A is all I hate the most in that game. Random skilled dude, sitting in corners with hellriegel, never playing the objectif and only starving for kills.
    Nothing impressive…

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  4. Dude just take a moment to realize that using these weapons doesnt need any skill or luck. I would be happy if players had shitty kills with weak weapons instead of using hellriegels or lmg0818 and just spraying around like idiots

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