Battlefield Hardline Reveal & Win a Console! – IGN Daily Fix


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Win a console & games of choice! Tim finally host the Fix after 3 years & Battlefield Hardline map/mode announced. Plus X-men Apocalypse/ Supergirl get casted & Grow Home revealed.

Battlefield Hardline Maps & Modes Revealed

Grow Home: A Procedurally Animated Climber

X-Men: Apocalypse Casts Young Storm, Jean Grey and Cyclops – IGN…


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  1. What games does the Xbox one have that ps4 doesn't have so I can buy them they have the same amount of games and recent games are on both I don't understand the Sony has no games comments please someone explain to me what that shit means

  2. What!!!!   NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    Tim was one of the coolest people I like to see on IGN, and now I find out he's leaving?!?    :` (
    Where is he going and what was his reason to leave?
    . . . Tim, you will be dearly missed.

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