Battlefield Hardline Conquest Gameplay PS4 Pro


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Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Gameplay PS4 Pro | Battlefield Hardline 2019


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  1. Man, i used to watch your videos when you were commenting/talking while playing. Please go back to those live broadcasts, that’s what makes your channel YOUR channel. Otherwise it’s gonna look and sound like any random hardline videos posted out there. Kinda boring after a few kills. Love your vibes when your talk, so funny and fresh. Just my 2 cents bro, take care 👌

  2. help, in all the battlefields and games, automactically aparace the reticula look, (the white look, the cross that appears on the screen, in all the battlefields can be removed, and in this do not allo how to remove or lower the visibility = Tu you know


  3. You should make a long video in the KSA bank job only server because it's a slaughterhouse in there. Mainly bc of all the tryhards playing on that server just like my self. One round is like 1 hour long so there whould be more than enough content for a video!

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