Battlefield Bad Company 2 REVIEW in 2018 – Still Active or Dead?


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Let’s Review Battlefield Bad Company 2 in 2018, is it dead or active?
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  1. BFBC2 to me was one of the best BF game's I have ever played. I really don't understand why they haven't made a BFBC3, when BFBC2 had everything that the other BF game's didn't really have. What I really enjoyed about BFBC2 was the destruction engine and also how realistic the sound's of the weapon's, vehicle's, and surrounding's had. Being able to blow the shit out of mostly everything was the thing that made BFBC2 a really good game. It made me feel like I was in the middle of a awesome multiplayer shit storm, with all kinds of other super soldiers (good player's) and not so super soldiers (kids and shitty player's) not giving a fuck about shit blowing up right next to them. BFBC2 in general was a badass game, and still is to be honest. But I needs a more active community. I tried to play it on the Xbox 360 just a couple of days ago but server's were empty. It makes me sad… I really think that Consoles and PC's should make every game, New and Old compatible with cross playing so it solves the issue of multiplayer game's dying on certain systems. When that day comes, if it comes…. I be back on BFBC2 again. Memories….

  2. this game is dead…..real shame i can no longer play battlefield 2 so i had to turn to this only to find 300 players and all of them seem to be playing the campaign which is pretty shitty

  3. When was bad company 2 migrated to Origin? I bought this game on steam in 2010, 'd been playing for 800 hrs as a sniper and thinking about coming back 😀

  4. Some of the servers have nothing but hackers or people are ridiculously good at sniping. Other servers have none of that. You'll feel like the game is dead when you play the first type, then feel like it's still alive in kicking when you're in a server that is of the latter description. It's a love-hate relationship right now. Back in it's day when it was up and active, it was probably the best fps to date in the action fps genre. Possibly still to date. It was and is a great game. Of all the fps from that time, it's held up the best.

  5. I love this game! especially the campaign and the charatcer development and for all the reasons you listed. But if and when Battlefield Bad Company 3 comes out I hope they don't screw it up and not include the characters from BC2.

  6. Great game (pc) would still give it a 8. The sound is so immersive but also tires me after a short while, it's to realistic i guess. I don't like it that u can't turn your head while walking/running, strange experience.

  7. I just finished the campaign today and even though it’s 8 years old I had to turn the graphics all the way down to run it in my brand new laptop prolly cuz it’s not for gaming

  8. Still playing this game after 8 years. This is my go to game when I am fed up with all the complicated load outs of all the other FPSs. Best shooter ever made and I would like to be able to buy new maps. By the way I am 71 years young.

  9. Met the group of friends that I still play BF with today on this game. I'm Irish and they're Norwegian. I spoke a bit of Norwegian and they spoke some English but it's like we always knew how to play regardless of the language barrier.

  10. >tfw everyones gonna buy this now and realize there's no sensitivity slider for aim down sights

    thats like the only reason I refunded lol sniping is such a headache

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