Battlefield 5: Tips to improve your gameplay! (Battlefield V Guides)


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Battlefield 5 Tips to improve your gameplay =) please rate!
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  1. PEOPLE NEED TO STOP CALLING GOOD PLAY HACKS OR AIMBOTTING!! i jumped back into my first battlefield experience as well as my first pc play since BF1942 just a month ago.. i couldn't even get a kill.. here we are a month later.. im almost level 50.. my guns are upgraded.. and i am called a cheater 2 or 3 times a day..

    practice.. listen to broken machine.. practice more.. pwning noobs in no time!! lol.
    seriously tho.. its easy to spot blatant cheaters.. if someone gets the drop on you.. don't whine.. find their ass.. work their flank and pop that fucker!

  2. I might have missed this, but I think a good tip to put in their would be to not always finish a battle. I often watch your videos and you will dip out of a confrontation early (without getting the kill) to spare your life. Something new players might not be aware of as they are always looking for the kill.

  3. Hey Broken!

    I am playing bf5 for a month now, so pretty new to Games like that. I am okay with semiautomatic weapons. The ag m/42 went to gold completely. Now i am trying the Gewehr 1-5 also with 4x scope.

    I want to play with automatic weapons like the stg44. But i am just super bad. Even with mode on single shot and 3x scope i am not killing anyone. Do you have tips for something like the stg44, aiming correctly and die so often? With the semiautomatic i sometimes can wipe squads in mid/close corners but with automatic? No way….

    Or should i just stick to semiautomatic because it is my play style maybe?

    Thank you in advance 🙂

  4. Dude i love your videos. But not this one this is a video for only console players. The half of the video is about flanking and waiting for the right moment. Everyone knows the humiliating percentage of the console players cant react instantly and dont have a 7.1 sound resource. Just im seeing you hunting guys from 1 meters. But in pc none of these ever works. Everyone has a 1 secons lifetime in flanks otherwise your gone. Your are playing very above from average but these flanks are so ridicilous. Its just "taking console advantage from casual games" they dont know how to react.

  5. In you next tutorial could you make a point about the effectiveness of smokes when used correctly? Too many medics don't know how to use them to their full potential

  6. Good solid tips. I've recently started being more aggressive and trying to think about how players are reacting to their surroundings! My Achilles heel is my piss poor aim….not sure if it's my settings or I just suck…lol

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