Battlefield 5: Tips for those struggling! (Battlefield V Guides)


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Battlefield 5 Tips to help those struggling =)
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  1. I am I big lover of Battle field games and I have now the bfv and I was playing for a couple of days, also I play in console (Xbox one s) But I need help with the settings the sensibility it's awful whatever I put I move slow when I aim. Please help me out with this . I live your videos you are a good player so good. I love the medic class and the recon .

  2. I found myself be in a dilemma… I always avoid to capture the objectives to have more kills in the surrounding area of the objective… But when I play with my friends, we have to capture the objectives… This cause me to die a lot……

  3. The one thing that just drives me nuts is how many people prone out in whatever nook or cranny they can wedge themselves in ignoring the objective and just waiting for someone to pass by. I wish they never added the prone option in bf3.

  4. (PS4) I play Dom mostly but the level of player intelligence/awareness/whatever is really low in BFV for some reason (compared to previous titles), even that mode is super frustrating and I end up raging a lot. Whether it's CQ, FL, Dom, nobody wants to cap flags, nobody wants to flank when they do want to cap flags, everyone's off playing their own little game, lots of prone camping, general camping, every encounter is essentially a 1v4 because squadmates always useless … the most glaring thing is NOBODY ELSE IS BUILDING THE RESUPPLY STATIONS! Like how am I the only one ever doing so? If I see a teammate helping out or even building on their own, I want to fall to my knees and thank the gaming gods for bestowing someone without donkey brains onto my team for once. BUILD THEM, PEOPLE!

  5. Great tips. I've flanked around the back but always find myself alone and near the enemy spawn. Gonna try the Medic class more often. Joining squad with headphones has been the best experience and usually very rewarding. Give em hell!

  6. Remember not to rush or engage in a fight with lower health. It pays to be patient. I know that was something I really struggled at when I first started playing shooter games. It seems obvious, but I would just advise a new player to slow down and let the enemy come at them.

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