Battlefield 5: Grand Operations Gameplay (No Commentary)


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Battlefield 5 Grand Operations Multiplayer Gameplay.


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  1. We've been waiting nearly 20 years for a proper bf1942 successor…. and we get this?

    I hope EA and Dice die a slow painful death… much like this game will.

  2. It was cool and serious until some woman started screaming haha, wtf EA.. wtf. Cant you make the women serious at least.. no wonder people find them silly in the game.

  3. Damn, this COD is a lot better looking than the previous one. (Just kidding). On a side note, I've been hooked on Rising Storm 2/Squad/Post Scriptum now …check it out?

    I'm kind of tempted to buy this game. For those that have it, how is the functionality of the game? Do you regret buying it?

  4. Meanwhile at DICE HQ;
    Expendable Developer – "Sir, we need 2 more days to design the Ju-52 model for the Germans paratrooper missions"
    His EA overlord manager talking in a greasy Italian voice – "gaahhhh, just put the American C-47 in it's place, the stupid plebs wont even notice the difference…"

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