Battlefield 5 – Discussion and tips on how to improve as a Recon player


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How the recon class has changed since BF1 0:05
Action points, parameters that will improve your recon gameplay 1:44
Action points in practice, gameplay 2:23

In this video, Doorfen discusses the main differences for the recon class compared to how the class operated in BF1. Doorfen also provides four important tips on how to improve as a recon player in BF5 followed by gameplay that demonstrates these tip in action.

*The dialog voice is a little bit hard to hear and follow, playing around…


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  1. Nice one! You mentioned the "sweet spot mechanic" and I've heard others mentioning it as well. Myself I skipped BF1 and have been playing BF4 all along. Could you explain what that sweet spot mechanic was for someone who knows the franchise but didn't play BF1?

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