Battlefield 5 – BEST TANK SPECIALIZATIONS for ALL TANKS! – Battlefield V Tank Guide


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Battlefield 5 Best Tanks Specializations! Today we’re taking a look at the best upgrades possible to go with in the Battlefield V tanks. What skill tree is the best? We’re answering all of it 😉


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  1. This video is okay for noobs but for veteran tankers its rather useless, case rounds are absolutely essential for medium tanks as they allow you to wipe out infantry with ease and stop people from launching piats at you, the smoke launchers provide much better visual cover than the regular smoke, the 20mm cannons on the light tanks are very good and ap shells dont do any more damage just a higher velocity

  2. Good vid but why would you not get Zimmerit on the 38t and then get it for the Tiger? The 38t is fast and therefore benefits from dynamite not sticking to it, whereas the tiger is slow and can't get out of the blast radius even if it isn't stuck on.

  3. Have you tried case rounds? Thats actually amazing 😅🐼 Can you make a video raising awarness in why Tanks need a buff and planes a nerf in their bombs against tanks (Attack Planes and Bombers being able to leave a tank 12 damage with one strafe or even 1 shot it) and Fighter Planes also hit 60 damage on tanks when they're supposed to be focused in enemy air

  4. This is the worst bf5 tank tutorial on YouTube you have the wrong specializations for every tank. I cant believe you think the case rounds and autocannon aren't that good. You are beyond retarded.

  5. Number one I would love to be able to spawn into a tank but there are never nun to spawn into I hardly ever see any on any of the teams that I'm on and I don't know how to spawn my own tank in because you can't do that as far as I know LOL tanks or over abused so tired of getting gunned down from a mile away by tanks 20 times in a row as soon as I spawn in Battlefield 5 is complete trash the maps are horrible I don't understand why they even have an assault class on this game

  6. I disagree with alot of these choices.. for one light tanks should be set up to take out infantry since you don't have good armor vs real tanks. So 20mm auto cannon.. Also for the tiger use the land bouncy betties instead of fast turret. The chances of you to kill a close moving target is small while the mines will kill the attacking infantry 95% of the time with a press of a button.

  7. Haha I use the howizter on the heavy Allied tank. I agree the shell drop is like BF1 which makes it more difficult for sure. So I tend to stay further away and lob shells into areas of Hi concentration of troops. I think it is useful on some maps like narvik on operations as the 1st 2 sectors you have no opposing tanks. AA is very powerful atm, probably will get nerfed a little as it is very good at taking tanks from a far distance.

  8. I wish you explained why certain specializations don't 'make sense', as you've essentially taken the same specs with each tank instead of the specs that would make them more unique. Not saying you're wrong (I play mine similarly) but I do that more because I've gone for what I know will work.

    Anyway I may toy with them later as tank balancing changes (if).

  9. The first time I saw the AT mine clears specialization on the Gun Carrier i just equiped cause i thought it was launch 50 explosive things( 25 tubes in each side) and it will destroy everything, but it is only 4 charges and does absolutly nothing. At least in the ps4 i it doesnt even do damage agaisnt enemy infantry

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