Battlefield 5: 200 IQ Aggressive Plays! (PS4 Pro Multiplayer Gameplay)


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Aggressive plays are sweet in Battlefield 5 Multiplayer!
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  1. Broken. Big time fan the videos I've seen you post back in the BF1 days are borderline hacks….so good. What is your setup now? 1080p on 4k display or 4k HDR on 4K display and what display?

  2. BFV looks amazing afterall, despite the hate around :/
    I'm thinking of buying it for the PS4, but I dunno how the South African servers are doing.
    Can anybody tell me if it's populated and worth it for SA?

  3. As a huge Battlefield franchise fan, can someone tell me exactly why this game gets so much flak? My fave BF game is BF3, though I enjoy BF4, BF1 and even Hardline…so why are people online complaining about BFV, from the looks of it, it looks awesome.

    Needs some input before plunking down 80 bucks for the deluxe package…

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