Battlefield 4 Graphics Suck


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A lot of players are complaining about the graphics on the Xbox 360 & PS3 versions of Battlefield 4. What they forget is this. **UPDATE** HD TEXTURE PACK ANNOUNCED: WATCH
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  1. i'm just trying to find how to fix the fact that ultra textures are barely loading (same for high and medium) and I get mostly low textures in game, even after 5 minutes. But to the point of this video..People complained about graphics in beta? really?

  2. Let's be honest call of duty can not reach bf4's limits ok… Bf4 has bigger maps helicopters tanks cars and water vehicles THAT YOU CONTROL..
    how do you not like it cod can't reach these expectations

  3. Ya but BF4 full version still sucks with graphics. When I walked down stairs once when my brother was playing I was like these are so bad and he said dude these are like the best graphics ever! Im like no..

  4. This is a beta, rabble, rabble, rabble…. The most important thing to remember is this is a beta, rabble rabble, rabble…. And I'd like to point out this is a beta,,, rabble rabble, rabble……..

  5. ps3 graphics for bf4 actually got a lot more better, sure its not as good as ps4 but it has better graphics than bf3. plus does graphics really matter?

  6. I cant believe that on a video of the battlefield 4 beta there are still COD Ghosts fans saying that the're game is better. I have played COD for a long time since mw2, and it got boring when i played BO2, so i started playing battlefield, and i have to say that battlefield is nothing like COD! You cant deny it, COD plays like a basic fps game and every year you get thesame (crap lol) from the develpors. I cant find fun in COD amymore after playing it for all those years. Battlefield does NOT get boring, i started playing it at the same time i got mw3 and i really got into it when bo2 came out. Battlefield makes you feel like you are at war, the audio is so good, you will hear bullets pass you and you will feel like you are in danger. The levelution is increddible, building fall down and the map changes all the time. When you have played COD all youre gaming life, it is hard to like the game at your first touch on the game. You will not be that good at the game and you have to get used to it. But you cant say the game is bad when you dont really know the game. With the experience i have with both games ( COD and BF) i think BF is so much better than COD.

    Im sorry for my bad english in some situations, im 16 years old and from the netherlands

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