Battlefield 4 Best DMR – 2016 Update


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Hey guys, today we’re going to take an updated look at the best Designated Marksman Rifles in BF4.

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  1. Dmr headshots are more likely to get you killed i only go for em if I know i don't I'll die or that's the only part of the body opened up so you will most likely getting more kills by shooting them in the leg or torso

  2. There is nothing more annoying than medics like levelcap in Battlefield, they just stand over your body and shoot, it ticks me off. I don’t mind him as a youtuber but if you are going to show footage of you. REVIVE YOUR TEAMMATES, I don’t care if you don’t get a kill or you get killed in the process. JUST REVIVE YOUR TEAMMATES.

  3. I know it's late, but I have worked and I have found the best loadout in battlefield 4 for all situations.

    PK Sight

    G18 or M1911. Suppressed.

    Play as assault and medic your team mates to top the score board every time. I got mastery on the SKS in a week and a half using this.

  4. Mark 11….ya it's the best because of its quick reload…everything else on it isn't special. Might as well use whatever dmr you have the the scope you like for it. I myself like the 3.4 prismatic and the acog. Even though the acog chevron bugs me kinda…

  5. Back in the day I gathered all the dmr stats and the qbu-88 had the best stats but only 10 rounds. I myself prefer weapons with the best stats to ammo capacity. To make my point, I usually use the selblaster on bf1 and that has only 5 rounds. Only bad thing is the enemy has fully auto rifles everywhere in bf4 lol I usually stick with the m39 just because it's such a beautiful nostalgic American design with decent stats and an above average ammo cap. I'll use an sks if I'm feeling close quarters because it fires the quickest.

  6. been going back to bf4 and idk y but the QBU-88 just seams to work for me. Yes the mag can be a pain but running it with an Acog and back up iron sights is so fun

  7. There are three types of players in BF4:
    1- A strategic guy, who never moves carelessly >>>> Levelcap is a good example. He's absolutely not a camper, but not an idiot who rushes for everyone to spot. Usually these guys know the mini map more than their own name.
    2- A Rambo, rushing, guy, who runs into the enemy's fire knowing that he/she might, (probably will), get killed, but he/she doesn't care because he/she just want to kill someone, LoL >>>> Me, I do not like to be in one place for more than 5 seconds, I get bored fast. Usually this type is not used to reading the mini map yet, I'm still learning to read it fast and respond faster each time
    3- A New player who doesn't know what the fuc* is happening, in his/her case, usually their gameplay differs accordingly.

    If you have a player type that you think should be mentioned, please go ahead and write it down.

  8. I'd personally put SCAR SV at the very top, but not by much – having a lighting fast reload and the least horizontal recoil of all the DMR's. Then you have slight variances from there, like SVD have less spread per shot and Mk11 having technically more accuracy (not enough to matter imo). Sadly my favorite, the RFB, is not the best 🙁

  9. I've been giving MK11 a good go and can genuinely say it's my fav DMR at the moment! Yes, fire-rate is not as good as SKS, but the accuracy on that thing blows every other DMR out of the water!

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