Battlefield 4 BANNED from Some Hardcore Servers – Salt Included


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On a side note shout out to all those lovely comments saying something along the lines of “he sucks without help from others”. If it wasn’t clear from the rest of the Hardcore footage I spent all the time in those servers alone with my privacy set to invisible on Battlelog. No one joined off me and no one knew I was even playing or recording in Hardcore servers.




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  1. As i am a previous cheater myself i can say that aimbot wont help you in scenarios over maybe 100m. So if your freefallin aimbot wont do shit since its a projectile based game not hitscan. Fucking idiots ban people for just being good at the game

  2. And this shows again the idiotic concepts of people.
    "If u are too good, you are hacking"
    And obviously he gets banned coz y'know people are so educated and experienced in seeing hacks that they recognise it immidiately. For all those little bitches that can't admit that this guy is good, no fucking respect

  3. Ya know. I play cod not bf but I must say that I have faced some fucking stupid moments. Point blank shotgun shots that give a hitmarker but they don't die in hardcore. But I've never accused someone of hacking. I don't understand why just cause you had bad luck you gotta blame them. Although I'm not good enough to be accused of hacking either. XD

  4. next time if they call you a hacker or some shit ask them if they have a shit bucket, a girl, a job. tell them get a shit bucket because if your in the bathroom your not playing battlefield loose the girl not on battlefirld and loose the job also NOT on battlefield

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