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A heavily requested guide for the Attack Helicopters, guides for the Scout Helicopters and the Helicopter Gunner are on the way. I explain my preferred loadout and I give you guys some tips. Hope you guys enjoyed!

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  1. I prefer hydra rockets so I can deal with infantry heatseekers for other helicopters ecm jammer and air radar I mostly use my attack helicopters to support my infantry like on siege when the enemy has locked down the top of the tower and no one can get out of the elevator with getting killed I clear that roof out as for other helicopters some people are idiots and pull their counter before I even fire a missile but I usually fire 1 missile first to make them pull their counter then fire the 2nd one after their counter is over I finish the of with hydra rockets vehicles like tanks I go on strafing runs staying just high enough that the tank can not fire at me and I don't think you need a gunner I can sometimes go entire games with out a single person spawning to be a gunner and they rarely save my life when fighting other helicopters and losing. I think attack helicopters have a perfect speed transport helicopters are to slow for me and mostly unarmed scout helicopters are fast but pretty weak I mostly use them to fight tanks lavs and sometimes AA lavs just outrun the aa lavs turret

  2. Pilot: (hydra takes infantry out in no time, you have more ammo so you don't spend your 8 zunis on freaking air, tow so you can kill the tanks plus slow shitty transport noob pilots, some transport pilots are better than others, either they're good or they're shit(let gunner take good transporters with tv), flares so you can deflect at least 1 missile, then have a little time to recover to safety (if on golmud use ecm and fly low) stealth coating to prevent shit from spamming you)
    – Hydra
    – Tow
    – Flare
    – Stealth coating

    Gunner: (TV to take out the transport choppers, tanks and to get better vision (spot tanks on long range), thermal vision to see what the heck is trying to lock onto you/stinger/igla noobs, belt feeder to kill any and all stuff)
    – TV
    – Thermal vision
    – Belt feeder

    Colour: (to scare your enemy away before you enter combat)
    – Fast Response

    Parachute: (best advice, don't ever leave your chopper, if the enemy gets it your team is fucked, plus some gunners are selfish and take the chopper for themselves once you leave to repair the vessel)
    – Forget it, never gonna use it anyway.

  3. I hope the people watching this don't take his load out.

    I used to have heatseekers when I was level 57 then switched over to the tow missile.
    The tow missile is very power full if you hit them and will most likely kill them I am a level 132 and i find this method very affective.

  4. I'll agree. too many things can take them out. I'm a tanker all the way and I lost count how many times I've blown away a chopper with my tank. if their low enough I can hittem.

  5. for one of your vids when you do the loadout that looks great or something

    Tactical Snoiper
    20x scope
    Range Finder
    For the camo, use something that matches the map you are playing.

    Ghost sight

    Spawn Beacon

    Field upgrade of your choice

  6. I play heavy anti tank with my attack chopper. Stay close to friendly AA, help them move up, take down tanks with Zuni and tow, air radar to assist AA. Teamwork with this can be amazing.

  7. Zuni rockets are useless unless you can directly hit your target with every rocket and the splash damage is shit on those things and I wouldn't use the TOW either, the attack heli is pretty much defenceless against air attacks unless you have a decent gunner to help you out. Heat seekers are not for noobs lol, if you wanna get shot down by an enemy heli because you'll hurt your pride then you have it coming since he has the right idea on taking you out. In my opinion the TOW isn't worth it, you have to manually aim a rocket when you already have hydra rockets as well as a gunner with a TV missile if your lucky. I'd say that's enough firepower to take out land units and tanks already have a hard time hitting you if you're a decent pilot. Smart rockets are useless to me as well unless your a bad at aiming then they're for you I guess.

  8. right away i notice you launch both heatseekers at once. This tells me you are not trustworthy of telling tips, since you don't understand that in any top level sort of play, you only launch one…wait for them to then pop ecm/flares, and then launch the other.

  9. I prefer using the hydra rockets because not only you have a faster fire rate but that its very effective on infantry. I know it doesn't do as much damage as Zuni rockets but if you have good aim you can take down vehicles such as tanks and even other helicopters because all the helicopters have just about no armor what so ever. But yeah I use hydra rockets and heat seekers and i find it effective but honestly still use whatever your comfortable with.

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