Battlefield 4: Attack Boat Tutorial


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As usual, everything you need to know about attack boats. Strategies, tips and tricks, cover, load out, etc. Let me know what you think.

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  1. I need to practice more with the TV missile, I've heard it is the most powerful and I have it equipped so just have to plug away.  I really like the anti-air missile but every time I have it equipped I seem to only encounter boats so its just useless then.

  2. me and my friend both in the fast  attack boat we where doing 16 and 2 but a douche spawn in and took the repair seat so my friend couldnt repair so we blew up but it was worth it

  3. Another note on the TV Missile: Unfortunately, it seems bugged right now, (Gee, DICE leaving something BUGGED? Preposterous!), as you will take health damage if the missile is shot by other players. So firing it at a target that is actively engaging you may prove suicidal. 

  4. Nice job on all of your BF4 videos.  Just one note, spotting on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS4 is done with the right bumper, R1.  On PS3 I think they are still shooting with R1 so spotting is done with R2.  The PS4 community is in an uproar because they switched it to be like the Xbox set up where they shoot with the back triggers.

  5. Hey Pick! Your sniping tutorials and vechicle tutorials are extremely helpful. Now I am a good sniper and a crucial part of my team in the water and on land. Keep doing what you are doing and I will see you on the battlefield!

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